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 August 2000 News

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31st August 2000 | Posted by: SpiceNews

>> Mel C 'Breaking' News

Just saw this over at the official Mel C Website Well she said it best so I'll just paste it here!

"You are not going to believe what I have done... I went out on Sunday night for a quite meal with friends and just as we were leaving, I fell down the stairs!!!

Since then my foot has been about ten times the size as usual and really sore and today I finally decided to get it X-rayed, and yes, you guesssed it, I've broken my right foot....well I've broken the bone that connects the little toe to the foot...but it still hurts like hell!!! (You're probably not interested but it's a 'spiral fracture' apparently!)

Anyway I just wanted you all to know.... I also wanted to say that as far as the tour goes : nothing changes... the show must go on, as they say. So come next Monday (4/9) I'll be there at the Assembly rooms in Derby, banging out all the tunes as usual, just don't expect too many back flips or somersaults, my little toe's having none of it!!!"

Can't wait to see you

Loads of Love


28th August 2000 | Posted by: SpiceNews

>> Chart News

Melanie C has moved up 13 places to grab the number 4 spot this week. Yet to date this is her highest position with her newest album, "Northern Star." It debuted in the no. 10 spot when it was released, and peaked at number 5 when, "Never Be The Same Again" was released. On the other hand, Victoria is down 1 spot to leave her at 3rd on the UK singles chart. Come on lets get out and buy those CD's!!

16th August 2000 | Posted by: SpiceNews

>> Mel C Gets Award!

Melanie C was presented with a Guinness British Hit Singles Number One Award. Melanie C is in 9th place of the Top 10 artists who have had #1 singles in any combination of solo and/or group. Mel had 8 #1's with Spice Girls, and 2 of her very own. Here is the complete top 10:

1. Paul McCartney with 21 (4 solo, 17 w/Beatles)
2. John Lennon with 20 (3 solo, 17 w/Beatles)
3. George Harrison with 18 (1 solo, 17 w/Beatles)
4. Elvis Presley with 17 (all solo)
5. Cliff Richard with 14 (6 solo, 1 w/Young Ones, 7 w/Shadows)
6. George Michael with 11 (7 solo, 4 w/Wham!)
7. Geri Halliwell with 10 (3 solo, 7 w/Spice Girls)
8. Robbie Williams with 10 (3 solo, 7 w/Take That)
9. Melanie C with 10 (2 solo, 8 w/Spice Girls)
10. Gary Barlow with 10 (2 solo, 8 w/Take That)

15th August 2000 | Posted by: SpiceNews

>> Wannabe Director Dead

38 year old video director Johan Camitz was killed this past weekend in a car accident. The swedish director was taking a walk in New York when two gunmen speeding alongside each other on the street opened fire at one another. The driver of a Honda Civic fatally shot the driver of a Range Rover. The driver obviously lost control of the vehicle and unfortunately hit Camitz. Camitz was taken to the hospital but died from his injuries. Camitz was responsible for many famous ad campaigns for Nike, Diesel, MasterCard, Volvo, and Smirnoff. Videos he directed include Eagle Eye Cherry's pop song "Falling in Love Again" and the Spice Girls' world famous "Wannabe" video that launched the Spice Girls' careers. The Spice Girls are said to be shocked and saddened by his death.

13th August 2000 | Posted by: SpiceNews

>> Mel C Number #1

Melanie C's latest single "I Turn To You' has entered the UK charts at #1! Congratulations Mel!!

7th August 2000 | Posted by: SpiceNews

>> ITTY Out!

Melanie C's fourth single "I Turn To You" is released today in the UK!

3rd August 2000 | Posted by: SpiceNews

>> ITTY Track Listing!

The CD rip of "I Turn To You", Melanie C's upcoming single which will be officially released August 7th, put out by MP3 group WAX seems to be erroneous, or an early version rip. Here are the proper track listings for both CD1 & CD2:

I Turn To You (CD1) - UK

  1. I Turn To You (Hex Hector Radio Mix)
  2. I Turn To You (Stonebridge R&B Radio Mix)
  3. Never Be The Same Again (Recorded Live at MTV)
  4. I Turn To You (Video)

I Turn To You (CD2) - UK

  1. I Turn To You (Damian LaGassick Mix)
  2. I Turn To You (Stonebridge Club Mix)
  3. Be The One (Recorded Live At MTV)

+ 4 Postcards.

Thanks Joel Gray.

3rd August 2000 | Posted by: SpiceNews

>> Mel C on Galaxy!

Melanie C will be on Galaxy radio(UK) this Sunday. She will be a guest on the Galaxy Online Show. The show will be broadcast across the Galaxy network from 4pm to 7pm and will feature some of the Mel's favorite tracks and new releases. Listeners will be able to enter the Galaxy chat room to talk to her. Presenter Jo Good said:

"Like the rest of Galaxy's listeners, I'm a great fan of Mel's. This show promises to be something special and I'll be finding out just how well Mel has got to grips with the World Wide Web. Mel looks set to be a number one hit with listeners this week, and could make it a double if she tops the charts the following week with her new single, 'I Turn To You'."

Thanks to Luke Peterson.

--End Of News--

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