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 September 2000 News

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29th September 2000 | Posted by: SpiceNews

>> Holler TRL Premiere?

::Rumour Warning::

Spice Girls' new video for "Holler" will make it's US premiere on MTV's Total Request Live next week, possibly on Tuesday, October 3rd.

::Rumour Warning::

29th September 2000 | Posted by: SpiceNews

>> Holler/LLLTW Single Track List!

    Spice Girls - Holler/LLLTW CD1(UK)

  1. Holler (Radio Edit)
  2. Let Love Lead The Way (Radio Edit)
  3. Holler (MAW Remix)
  4. Holler (Video Interactive Element)

    Spice Girls - Holler/LLLTW CD2(UK)

  1. Let Love Lead The Way (Radio Edit)
  2. Holler (Radio Edit)
  3. Holler (MAW Tribal Vocal)
  4. Behind-the-scenes interactive element (4x30 second clips)
  5. Let Love Lead The Way (Video Interactive Element)

CD2 comes with 4 postcards, one of each girl.

Thanks Norman Hayes.

29th September 2000 | Posted by: SpiceNews

>> Spicies On National Lottery

Spice Girls will be performing on the National Lottery Show(UK) on Saturday, October 7th. If you would like tickets to this event there may still be some available by calling (020) 8576 1227.

Thanks Matt Shepherd.

26th September 2000 | Posted by: SpiceNews

>> Spicey Chats!

Spice Girls will each be doing an individual webchat on the official Spice Girls homepage - one girl every Wednesday, all through October! You can submit questions for Mel B at the site now. Here are the dates for each girl's chat, remember these are all Wednesdays:

  1. Mel B - October 4th
  2. Mel C - October 11th
  3. Emma - October 16th
  4. Victoria - October 25th

26th September 2000 | Posted by: SpiceNews

>> Mel C Webcast

Worldpop's Melanie C site (which is pretty good, you can get ringtones and SMS messages sent to your nokia phone and whatnot) is going to be web casting live Melanie's show at London's Shepherds Bush Empire this Sunday. Melanie B is also going to be attending this concert (not performing, just attending).

26th September 2000 | Posted by: SpiceNews

>> Holler Video In US.

Spice Girls' video for their new single "Holler" is now can be seen in the US for those who get The Box music network. It is selection #305 on there and was just added yesterday afternoon.

Thanks Steve and KaiouSei.

24th September 2000 | Posted by: SpiceNews

>> Mel C & B @ PepsiPop

Spice Girls Melanie B and Melanie C will be performing their solo stuff at PepsiPop - a concert event held in the Netherlands on Ocober 21st. Other artists scheduled to be there include Kylie Minogue, Five, Westlife, Billie Piper, Vengaboys, Girl Thing, Graig David, Samantha Mumba, and Stephen Gately.

Thanks Sven.

24th September 2000 | Posted by: SpiceNews

>> Holler #1

"Holler" has made it to #1 in the Italian MTV TRL as well as on Brazilian MTV.

24th September 2000 | Posted by: SpiceNews

>> ITTY Club

Melanie C's song "I Turn To You" appears this week on Billboard Magazine's Hot Dance Music/Club Play chart at #48, just ahead of Madonna's "Music".

23rd September 2000 | Posted by: SpiceNews

>> Mel C Tour Update/ Status

There are new entries in the Melanie C Tour Video Diaries at worldpop. The three new clips are described as:

  • Melanie talks us through a typical day on the Northern Star tour, backstage at glamorous Middlesbrough Town Hall...
  • Flowers from Spice Girls, rooms trashed by support bands, boozy nights in Newcastle... Melanie spills the secrets so far...
  • So how's the tour going, and how's Melanie's injured foot feeling after being bounced on every night? Click here to find out...

In one of the above video segments Melanie talks about how her supporting band Tomcat managed to trash her hotel room after going out drinking! Melanie said:

"It's the first time we've actually socialised together so it was fun, but I paid for it the day after! We had a bit of an accident in the hotel room. The hotel was very sweet about it though! They trashed my room! Yesterday they sent me some flowers to apologise but I'm not going to let them off, they're not going to get away with it that easily."

The official Melanie C homepage has been updated with new info concerning the Fergus illness:

Good news indeed guys....

the lovely Fergus is on the mend and the show in Cardiff will DEFINITELY go ahead as planned. The tour goes on!

See you there!!

23rd September 2000 | Posted by: SpiceNews

>> LLLTW About Geri

Spice Girls' new song "Let Love Lead The Way", part of the double a-side single along with "Holler" is actually about Geri. The girls recorded the song after watching Geri's fly-on-the-wall documentary in early 1999. If you listen to the lyrics after knowing this, it makes perfect sense.

21st September 2000 | Posted by: SpiceNews

>> AOL Chat/ MTV Awards/ Worldpop

According to the Virgin Records America website Spice Girls will be having a live chat on October 4th on AOL!

Thanks Case.

It's getting close to that time of the year again, for the MTV EMA's. You can vote for selecting the nominees (Victoria & Mel C) at this link.

Thanks Philip.

The Melanie C Tour Video Diaries page is up at worldpop. There are three streaming RealVideos up there at the moment described as:

  • A backstage tour of Derby's Assembly Rooms - who knows who we might bump into!
  • Make up, vocal warm-ups, pre-gig nerves...and her wicked Geri impression!
  • Mel on the tour bus after the gig, describing the first night of the tour.

Thanks to Angie Hung.

20th September 2000 | Posted by: SpiceNews

>> Gigs Postponed

There have been two new posts made on the official Melanie C site's news section. Here they are, the latest one is first:

Re-scheduled dates:

Well here they are, the new dates for the postponed shows are as follows:

Liverpool, Royal Court - Saturday 10th February Bristol, Colston Hall - Sunday 11th February

Sorry it's such a long wait, Melanie's gutted too - hope you understand!

Obviously your current tickets will still be vaid - SO DON'T LOSE EM!!! If for any reason you can't make these dates, please contact the box office where you bought the tickets.

Liverpool and Bristol gigs postponed (19 & 20 September)

We're really sorry to have to tell you this but Melanie's gig tonight at the Royal Court in Liverpool and tomorrow's gig at Colston Hall in Bristol have been postponed.

Musical director and drummer, Fergus Gerrand, has been taken ill very suddenly and will not be able to perform for the next two days. It's not thought to be too serious but he's had to stay in hospital just to make sure.

The plan is to re-schedule the shows, not cancel them, but new dates have not been decided yet. The minute we know we will post it here.

As things stand, Thursday's gig in Cardiff will go ahead as planned, we'll confirm this as soon as we know how Fergus is doing.

Sorry again guys!

Oh we almost forgot...happy birthday Fergus - nice present!!!

16th September 2000 | Posted by: SpiceNews

>> Tomcat On Mel C/ Kelis

Tomcat is the opening act for the current Mel C tour incase you forgot.. and on the official Tomcat site in the diaries section, they write some things about Melanie C worth mentioning:

As Mark probably already mentioned we were spraying a bottle of champagne around after the first gig in Derby. We were all really soaked and there was hardly anything left to drink! To cap it all though Mel C came in to say well down and had a drink with us. well, she hopped in!

Her show was brilliant - she is a total pro - as her foot is broken and she has just started a national tour! Cole and Melanie compared tattoos and we even saw Mel's Calvin Klein thong!

The crowd really got into our thing, there was loads of energy and vibe there. It was the same for Middlesborough, everyone really getting into Tomcat - we thought that they wouldn't care as we are just the support act but it's been a fantastic week!

It was a bit different at Newcastle though as everyone was sitting down - there were really polite and were clapping, well they were getting into it as well but... well, they were all seated! That night we had a bit of an impromptu party with Melanie C and all of her crew and musicians. In fact we had a bit of a BIG party!

Then we had a day off.

And what did we do?

We went to the Metrocentre in Newcastle and bought a football for 4. I did the best volley ever with my right foot(and I'm left footed!) but after it flew wide of the field and hit the bus stop - so we legged it!

We have blown all our money on room service (that didn't take long!) - we are having a right laugh though as I am sharing with Cole and Dan and mark are sharing together in twin rooms.

We are busy racing around in our A-Team style van (but without the red stripe) a lot of the time. We sit in the back in our 70s airline style seats watching the TV - we are in the middle of watching the Star Wars trilogy at the moment (the Death Star is about to be blown up). We have to kick the door to get out! It's cool though - mind you you should see Melanie C's tourbus ! Now THAT is cool!

Thanks to Zila.

Melanie C's official site has been updated with news that Hip Hop artist Kelis has been added to the support line up for Wembly Arena:

Kelis has been added to the support line up for the Wembley Arena gig on November 5 as well as Tomcat. Tickets are still available for this show.

Call 0208 795 9519, 0207 403 3331, 0207 734 8932, 0207 344 4444
0115 912 9000 (24hr CC hotline)
Tickets cost 17.50 (subject to a booking fee).

14th September 2000 | Posted by: SpiceNews

>> Tickets/ Meeting Kids

Nicklas wrote in saying:

The Stockholm Mel C concert has been moved from 'Arenan' to 'Globens Annex', because of the huge interest in tickets. And because there where 1200 fresh tickets to be sold. That was 2 days ago, but there are still tickets left. Interesting fact: Arenan could take 800 people, Annexet takes 2000 people.

So I'd guess this is authentic, if you want tickets call the Annexet for info.

Melanie C surprised 15 children who were at The Star Annual Awards at The Hilton Hotel in Sheffield, UK. The kids were named South Yorkshire's SuperKids. They recieved awards for various achievements: academic, courage, caring, and triumphs over adversity. Melanie C met up with the kids. She said:

"I'm not supposed to be here but I was staying at the hotel and heard there were some really special children here who'd done some very brave things. It would be silly not to come down and say hello and congratulations to them."

Mel was in Sheffield for a concert at The City Hall last night as part of her tour.

11th September 2000 | Posted by: SpiceNews

>> Upcoming Spice Schedule

From the official site. All UK of course:

  • 9/23 - SMTV/CD:UK
  • TBA - The Lottery
  • 10/3 - MTV : Spice Girls Day (repeated on 10/23)
  • 10/21 - SMTV/CD:UK(performing "Let Love Lead the Way")

11th September 2000 | Posted by: SpiceNews

>> Re-Launch Mel Campaign

Virgin America co-president Ray Cooper says:

"We have a remix for 'I Turn To You,' and we think we've got a shot at clubs and a shot at rhythmic radio. We're going to kick off that campaign and then lead that into the new Spice Girls record. With these British artists, you have to have a structure to get you there, you can't just come out with great records."

10th September 2000 | Posted by: SpiceNews

>> Spice Message About Holler

From the official mailing list:

hi everyone!!

Whatever you're doing next Monday (Sept 11th), make sure you get yourselves to a PC cos that's where you'll find our brand new single 'Holler' on our website! You'll also be able to see our new video, plus a totally exclusive behind-the-scenes film of what life's been like for us in the run-up to the third Spice album!

So check it out before you go to school or work! It will be online from 8.10am UK time (synchronise watches--very precise aren't we??) at

If you're outside the UK, that's 7.10 am GMT, which is 3.10 am in New York (yawn), 3.10 pm in Malaysia, and 6.10 pm in Sydney.

Don't worry if you can't get online that fast, cos you'll be able to check it all out anytime between Monday and 23 October-- the release date!

So when will you get the other new tune from the single, 'Let Love Lead The Way'? Well 6 October is the hot date-so stick it in your diary there's billions of other things happening.

If you're in the UK, you'll be able to catch up with more behind-the-scenes Spicy shenanigans on SMTV/CD:UK on 23 September as well as on the Lottery where we'll be singing and chatting (our first live telly show together for ages--so watch out, we'll be largin it to the max!). Not only that but it's Spice Girls Day at MTV on 13 Oct (and again on 23 Oct), then, if you haven't already had enough of our mugs, we'll also be singing Let Love Lead The Way on SMTV/CD:UK on 21 Oct !

After such a long break, it's wonderful to be working as one group all over again. And we're really, really excited about the album! We reckon the tracks represent our best performances--and we mean e-v-e-r so we hope it's just as good for you--cos you've been with us all the way!

As a big thank you, we'll be heaping loads more exlcusive stuff onto our website in the next few weeks--so stand by for another Spice Alert very soon.

In the meantime, don't miss next Monday to check out the single---and a huge 'hi!' and hug to all of you from all of us...but especially Victoria who wants to say a massive thanks to everyone who's sent messages while she's been ill. She's feeling a trillion per cent better after taking a rest so please don't worry--you can't get rid of her that easily!!

loads of love, peace and Girl Power

melanie b, melanie c, victoria and emma

x x x x

10th September 2000 | Posted by: SpiceNews

>> Mel Mag

Melanie C is on the cover of Marie Claire magazine (UK) this month, featuring extensive eye-shadow.

10th September 2000 | Posted by: SpiceNews

>> Mel Tour!

There is a message posted from Melanie C on her official site. It says:

Goin' Down well!

Hi everyone,
I've done two gigs from my solo tour so far, here's how it's been going...

The first night in Derby was absolutely brilliant, it went really really well. The band and I were so nervous but we still enjoyed it and luckily it turned out great. With the first gig under my belt, the second gig in Middlesborough last night was just the best show I've ever done in my life. It was so much fun. The crowd were so receptive, jumping up and down and singing and the set just flew. It's about an hour and a half long and all of a sudden I looked down at the set list and it was the end!

'I Turn To You' seems to be the big crowd-pleaser at the moment, everybody jumps up and down and clap their hands. When I sing the line "I turn to you" they all turn and point at me!! It's mad!

Tomcat, the support, are brilliant. I was watching them yesterday in their soundcheck and they're really good fun and so entertaining. Their single's out soon and they've been getting quite a lot of airplay on MTV and The Box. Last night the crowd were actually singing the single along with them and they got a really good reception! It's our first day off tomorrow so we're going to have a drink and get to know each other a little better.

The foot's getting better everyday. I was a little bit nervous because I'm probably doing a little more than I should be and I'm supposed to be resting it, but when I get on stage I get a bit carried away and start jumping around and stuff, but I'm still hopping mostly. I'm starting a new trend of hopping and moshing on one foot! I shout to everyone to "HOP" and they do! Everyday I wake up and think "oh no it's gonna be really sore" but its getting better all the time.

I think the main difference between this tour and the last is that people know all the songs now. On the other tour, the album had only been out a few days, it still went really well but now people are singing along and they get all excited when 'Suddenly Monday' starts or 'Be The One'. I've also seen people from America, Holland and's great!

Anyway, I can't wait to see as many of you as possible, as always there's still a few secret bits which I always love to stick in, but you'll have to come see them for yourself!!

Loads of love

10th September 2000 | Posted by: SpiceNews

>> Mel C On Brad Pitt

Melanie C was asked what she thought of the movie Snatch after attending the premiere. Melanie said:

"Everyone is getting really excited about Brad aren't they? He's a beautiful and handsome man and very talented but he just doesn't do it for me. You know I've got bad taste in men, I went out with J from Five for God's sake!"

10th September 2000 | Posted by: SpiceNews

>> Mel's First Night

Melanie C had her first performance of her current concert tour at Derby last week. Despite her broken foot, about which she said "Everyone's saying I've broken my toe. I haven't, I've broken my fucking foot.", she was still jumping around all over stage performing to her max. She performed "Angel On My Shoulder" and "I Want You Back" for the first time ever in concert. At one point Melanie was reduced to tears because of the audience's overwhelming reaction.

6th September 2000 | Posted by: SpiceNews

>> Mel C On Spice Girls Tour

Sporty Spice Melanie C talked about the new upcoming Spice Girls album Forever and possible touring:

"The new album is nearly finished, so the first thing we need to do is get out there and see what the reaction is like. We should be touring by next summer at the very latest."

When asked if a future tour would be kicked off in Ireland like the previous she said:

"It would be great to do that again, we all love Ireland. There's a real possibility we could do it again. We love doing our own thing, but I wouldn't swop my place in the group for the world. I love being in The Spice Girls."

4th September 2000 | Posted by: SpiceNews

>> Mel C: Track Her

Melanie C attended the London premiere of the movie Snatch last week with Guy Oseary, the co-owner of Madonna's record label Maverick. The relationship between the two is limited to friendship.

3rd September 2000 | Posted by: SpiceNews

>> Mel C: Interview

There was an interview with Melanie C recently in Australia's HiT Entertainment Guide in Melbourne's Herald Sun. Here is a local copy of that. An interesting read covering a number of topics..

Thanks to Luke Peterson.

1st September 2000 | Posted by: SpiceNews

>> Mel C #1

Well reports are coming in from all over the world, no really they are... I've gotten emails from different people in about 7 different countries stating that Mel C has hit number 1. Way to go Mel!

--End Of News--

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