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 January 2001 News

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26th January 2001 | Posted by: SpiceNews

>> Mel C Not Depressed

The following update has been made to Melanie C's official site:

Judging from the many messages you've sent to us in the past few hours it seems you're all very concerned about Melanie.

With several tabloids printing rubbish that she is currently suffering from "severe depression" and that she told an aide she "just couldn't face it" when asked why she was cancelling the UK and Ireland tour dates, Melanie wanted to put up the following message to clear a few things up:

I just wanted to let my fans know the truth because you're the important ones. The truth is I've been very ill over Christmas with that nasty flu that everyone has had. Sadly, my vocal cords haven't recovered in time for me to do the UK and Ireland section of the tour. I'm very upset and disappointed about this but I'm in no way depressed. Thank you for your kind concern, I'm just taking it easy for a couple of weeks and then I'll be out there fighting fit and performing the tour like you've never seen it before. "Just couldn't face it".....are they mad???

Love Melanie xx

26th January 2001 | Posted by: SpiceNews

>> Forced To Cancel

Melanie C has had to cancel her forthcoming UK and Ireland tour dates due to start on 28 January because she is suffering from a throat infection.

Although the infection isn't said to be serious, doctors have ordered her to rest her voice for the next month, if she is to avoid more serious damage. Although, some reports seem to think this has more to do with her depression, rather than a throat bug.

Her tour was to start in Belfast this Sunday, then followed by dates in Dublin, York, Manchester, Edinburgh, Wolverhampton, Nottingham, Brighton, Plymouth, Liverpool and then finishing in Bristol on February 11. Melanie hopes to be able to reschedule these dates in May.

She says:

"I was really looking forward to the tour and I'm sorry to have disappointed my fans but I have to follow doctor's orders and look forward to touring in May."

Her dates in Athens, Tel Aviv, Dubai, Singapore and Malaysia will still go ahead from February 17 to March 2.

All tickets will still remain valid, so if you have a ticket for one of her forthcoming UK or Ireland dates, hold on to them! Though if instead you would like a refund, contact the box office where you originally bought them.

23rd January 2001 | Posted by: SpiceNews

>> Mel C To Perform In South Africa

Melanie C will be heading to South Africa next month, for a one-off concert at Carnival City in Brakpan, Gauteng, on February 24.

This will be the first performance in South Africa by any of the Spice Girls, current or otherwise.

Tickets for this concert, cost between R125 and R160, and are exclusive of Ticketweb service charges

21st January 2001 | Posted by: SpiceNews

>> Mel C Barbados Gal!

Melanie C spent her birthday celebrating in Barbados in the Carribean (and of course the paparazzi found her).

20th January 2001 | Posted by: SpiceNews

>> Letters!

Melanie C's official site has been updated. You can now write anything that you wish to Melanie C, and they'll publish the best ones on her site. So if you've got anything you'd like to ask Melanie C, you can do so by going over there now, or you could just click here.

14th January 2001 | Posted by: SpiceNews

>> Mel C VH1 Playlist!

Melanie C was guest DJ on VH1atWorkRadio last week, here are the tracks she played:

  1. Madonna - Bad Girl
  2. Beatles - Eleanor Rigby
  3. Stevie Wonder - Sir Duke
  4. The Jacksons - Shake Your Body Down
  5. Blur - Song 2
  6. Fiona Apple - ?
  7. Eminem - Slim Shady
  8. John Lennon - Woman
  9. Lenny Kravitz - It Aint over til its over
  10. Destiny's Child - Jumpin, Jumpin
  11. Commadores - Hero
  12. Journey - Open Arms
  13. Red Hot Chilly Peppers - London in the Summertime
  14. Tina Turner - Thunderdome
  15. Melanie C - I Turn to you
  16. Spice Girls - Time Goes By

14th January 2001 | Posted by: SpiceNews

>> Mel C In Singapore

It's confirmed. Melanie C will be in Singapore at the Habour Pavilion along with Madison Avenue on February 28th @ 8pm. There will be ,1000 standing spots and 3,000 seats. Tickets are available for priority M1 customers through Sistic outlets between January 19th - 23rd. Public tickets go on sale on January 26th. Price is S$50. For more info, check this page, or use this info:

Hotline: 348-5555
Fax Booking: 440-6784

Thanks to zkit_malaysia via Angie Hung.

12th January 2001 | Posted by: SpiceNews

>> Happy Birthday Mel C

She's 27 today!

9th January 2001 | Posted by: SpiceNews

>> Two Interviews

Here are a couple Mel C interviews:

The first one is a bit of an older one that I got just before I had to stop updating. It's from a Brazilian magazine (don't know which) published on December 22nd. It's a pretty cool interview in which Mel talks about her emotions, the media, fashion, music, boys, movies, etc:

In an exclusive interview done in Miami, Sporty Spice denies all the rumours that she was suffering of depression. With a new boyfriend, she also clears out that she is not intending to leave the Spice girls.

Melanie Chisholm didn't resemble a bit the Mel C I interviewed two years ago, when the Spice Girls were in the apogee of their success. Wearing no make up and no shoes, she was free from all the pop that surrounded her, Melanie talked to Atrevida Hot in her room, in the Delano hotel, which is always packed with celebrities.

As soon as I entered the room, she jumped out of a chair and came to welcome me. She was wearing a stretch jeans and a red Gucci blouse. She looked 10 kilos bulkier, but 10 times happier than the last time I saw her.

Neither the atrocious nicknames given her by the tabloids , or the small number of copies bought in America of the latest Spice girls album, Forever, seem to let Melanie down.

Totally relaxed Melanie was sitting in the middle of her all-white bedroom. She was less "Sporty" and more "Woman" and told me how she is happy with her solo career, with her new boyfriend and denied that she wants to leave the spice Girls. She also promised to schedule some shows in Brazil for the next year.

Your solo album is very successful in Brazil. Did you expect that? How do you feel?

I always hope that my album gets to be successful and when it does, it is just fantastic. Especially in a country that I wouldn't reach if I wasn't an artist. I really have to manage and get some time to go to Brazil and tour. Maybe next year....

Are you leaving the Spice Girls? What is this confusion all about?

I'm not leaving the group. I'm only investing in my solo career. People cant expect us to do the same things always, as if we were part of a meat grinder...or something like that.

But you declared that you were happy without the group.

No. I said that I was more confortable without all the fuss that surrounds the Spice Girls. When we are all together, the situation become crazy, intense, almost chaotic. I'm a calmer person. I like quietness. Lots of agitation takes away my balance.

Do you think that all this fussiness lead you to depression? The tabloids say that you are depressed.

That is a lie. I believe that everybody has their good and bad days. What makes me sad is to see people that I don't even know making up stories about myself.

So, you get depressed when you read false gossips about yourself?

Not really. Sometimes I get sad, sometimes I get angry. But generally I get frustrated. Because the fans buy a newspaper or a magazine to try to get to know you better and if what is written isn't true, the whole situation is frustrating.

What is your routine when you are home and not working?

Usually I try to sleep all I can to make it up to all the time I couldn't sleep during the tour. Apart from that, I go out with my friends to check out all the new pubs and clubs in London. I also enjoy going shopping. I love buying clothes! I go to the gym and do some yoga or I just stay at home reading some old gossips...

So you read gossips too?

Who doesn't?

You said that you go shopping during your spare time. Are you really into this fashion thing? What are your favorite designers?

I like buying clothes, but I really don't care about designers and stuff.  I think that everyone creats their own style. This is chic.

You are really into sports. What about the rest....are you the kind of girl who takes care of her skin?

Sometimes I'm a good girl and I use a lot of moistureizers before going to bed. Sometimes I don't have the patience and I don't even take off my make-up.

the Spice Girls represent this fashion side, with big productions and etc., You don't really care about it, as I can notice.

I find these big shows nice, full of special effects and fancy outfits, just like the Spice Girls shows. But now I'm more focused in making music without big productions. Without having to worry about the time of the outfit change.

What kind of music you enjoy the most?

I enjoy lots of things. Like pop music, such as Britney and Christina Aguilera. I also enjoy Eminem and rock 'n' roll bands like Blur and the Red hot Chili Peppers. And I can't forget the classics, like the Beatles.

What is your biggest influence?

I think that the biggest influence in my life, since the early days, was Madonna. I used to see her on the telly and wished I was part of "her" world. Today, I'm part of this world.

So, Are you dating at the moment?

Yes, I am

Who is he?

Dan Williams from Tomcat. He's is very nice and I'm really happy.

How would you describe the perfect guy?

Someone who takes you the way you are and does not wish to change your personality. Someone who takes care of you and lets you take care of him. But, above it all, respecting each other's space.

Do you find it hard to meet good guys to date?

It's hard for everybody and it only gets worse when you're famous, because you end up meeting nobody. You're always surrounded by body guards, and you only get to know people from showbusiness. This is good, because they comprehend you. But, on the other hand, you'd like to go out with different people.'s always difficult to find nice guys.

Who do you think is quite fancy?

Freddie Prinze Jr.

I heard you love action movies. Have you ever thought of being part of one?

I'd love to make a film with Bruce Willis, like the Sixth Sense. But I never thought seriously about an acting career.

What were the latest movies you watched?

I wacthed the Nutty Professor 2 in the plane...and I almost died of laughing. I also found that new Harrison Ford movie quite good...Revelation .. I guess. It's very frightening!

Do you have any hobbies?

I think cooking. Since my mom taught me how to make chinese food, I think that's my hobby.

Are you superstitious?

I used to be. Now, I'm more fatalistic. I think that if you are good, good things happen to you and vice-versa.

What are your expectations from the future?

I hope that both my solo career and the Spice Girls keep being successful.

What do you prefer? Working by yourself or with the Spice Girls?

I like them both, but my solo career is something new and fresh for me. I want to be more dedicated to my solo stuff, because as an artist it completes me more, because I can express myself better individually.

The second one is Mel's first interview of 2001 which was on the MegaStar site, but has alrady been taken down. (Thank God for local copies!) In this interview Mel is very bubbly and optimistic about the future. She talks about tabloids, appearance, Spice Girls, music, family, and Geri:


"I'm starting a different phase of my life. I've had to slow down a bit. I'd put on weight, I wasn't working out as much as I used to and I was on fast forward all the time. At Christmas I was feeling dead and burnt out, so I decided to chill a bit. Now I feel stronger, fitter, and I'm really looking forward to this year."


"Yes, of course I get upset. Mostly I think the gay rumours are funny. But I did go through a stage where I was a bit embarrassed that when people met me they were thinking I was gay. Then I thought: 'So what if I was?' It's nothing to be embarrassed about. I've got a lot of gay friends. I know you shouldn't be concerned with what people think about you, but it's easier said than done. There have been things printed about me that I've had to square with my family and say: 'You know it's not true'. I had a very close, so-called friend, now an ex-friend, who sold a story on me that was drug related. I had to ring my mum and that was tough. As far as relationships go, though, it's just something I don't particularly want plastered all over the papers. I've always been known as Single Spice but I've dated people along the way. I'm not gay. I've not taken a vow of celibacy either. I've simply never been in a relationship that's been anything I've wanted to go public. I'm definitely romantic. I did have a long-term boyfriend when I was 19, but it was such a long time ago I can't remember how I felt, so it's lost its validity. I've met people I've liked, but it's never quite worked out. I sometimes wonder whether I'll ever meet someone I really like."


"It's not a proper tan. I've been using sunbeds. And I'm having more fun as a blonde, so that saying must be true! I'm not really concerned with appearances, which probably sounds like a stupid thing to say because I do like to be fit. But it's more about how I feel inside. With the hair thing, I thought I'd try it after being dark for ages. I'll try anything and the blonde does seem to suit me and make my face look softer."

Music & Spice Girls:

"It was the ultimate when it[Never Be The Same Again] got to number one. I've taken a lot of criticism about my solo work, but it can change so much in the eyes of the music press as soon as you have a big success. As soon as I began selling records they decided it was good. Well it was good months ago."

"The Spice Girls really are Forever. Why would we split up? We're having the time of our lives. We have such a laugh and they are my best friends. But I've also got something else to prove, which is why I am so determined to see my solo stuff work. We want to do a world extravaganza. But the shows are going to be a lot different from the old ones. We are going to have more solo stuff, and it's going to be a lot funkier and modern. But with the other girls having babies we had to slow down because we were so exhausted. I just felt there were other things to do and so did they. The world's our oyster, really. We're taking each day as it comes and just want to be happy."


"I'd like children, but not for a while. The babies are gorgeous, but as soon as they cry I give them back. I'm not broody at all. My career comes first and I can only focus on one thing at a time. When I was growing up it made me cautious about getting married. It made me quite cynical about it. But I don't think you can ever say never about anything. I'm 26 now and I feel like I've grown up a lot. My mum is a top bird. I speak to her about five times a day. With her being a cabaret singer, she was my idol and I wanted to grow up and be like her. In fact when I was a kid I thought all mums were singers I was never a terrible teenager or rebellious. We've never had an argument, we're more like friends and we're both dead laid back. I never row with anyone."

Geri Halliwell:

"This feud is crap! I might have said stuff about her records, but I was being honest, not spiteful. If you ask me a question I'll answer it honestly. I'd rather live my life being criticised for being honest than being a liar. I went to see Geri at the Brits, before it got all chaotic, and wished her luck for her performance. I knew she'd be nervous doing it all on her own. There's no animosity there and there never was. Life's too short. The Spice Girls is like a jigsaw puzzle and it was a shame when Geri left, because it was like a bit was missing really. She gets in touch with each of us occasionally. She sent me some flowers when I got to number one and sent presents for the babies when they were born."

Life couldn't be better right now. I have my down days, like everybody, but I've learned to put things into perspective. If I'm feeling down I have to remember how lucky I am."

Thanks Marilia for the Brazilian interview & translation.

5th January 2001 | Posted by: SpiceNews

>> Info!

Out of the 20 most top selling singles of 2000 for Australia and Britain, Mel C place 14th and 18th, respectfully, for her single, 'Never Be the Same Again'.

Melanie C has been nominated in the categories of "Best International Female" and "Best International Song" (for "Never Be The Same Again") in the NRJ Radio Awards(Sweden) which take place on February 7th. You can vote for her at the site.

In case you missed Mel C on MuchMusic Environment last month(Story), they are re-running it on January 6th at 5pm.

British boyband BBMak is supposedly scheduled to be the supporting act for Mel C's tour dates in February. At the same time they have said some not-so-flattering things about our her. BBMak member Christian said:

"She is not my type at all. She has put on loads of weight as well. We've heard she is a real rock chick and swears on stage now. Why? And we've heard she gets drunk. She will always be Sporty Spice to us. But I don't think she likes being Sporty any more. I can imagine her fans are all butch women. We attract mostly a mixed crowd."

--End Of News--

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