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 December 1999 News

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27th December 1999 | Posted by: SpiceNews

>> Mel C Buys Brooklyn Gift

Soon after Victoria did some last minute shopping with baby Brooklyn at the London Gucci store, the eight month old baby received a 1,000 Christmas present from Sporty Spice Melanie C - a pair of Versace jeans and Timberland shirts and shoes.

21st December 1999 | Posted by: SpiceNews

>> Mel C In Nylon

Melanie C is in the latest issue of Nylon Magazine. There is a three page article and three pictures of her in it.

20th December 1999 | Posted by: SpiceNews

>> Waxy Comments

The Spice Girls talked about their wax doubles which they helped unveil last week.

Victoria: "I've actually just had a grope of myself, so that's what it must feel like for David"

Emma: "We've all been kissing each other!"

Melanie G: "We kissed ourselves to see what it would be like to kiss ourselves! Don't you feel like a bit spooked out by it?"

Melanie C: "I think that might actually give children nightmares!"

Melanie G: "We had to strip naked and they got like this tiny tape measure and they'd measure every part of your body. So it was like getting massaged as well. No, I'm only joking! We were fully clothed!"

20th December 1999 | Posted by: SpiceNews

>> Mel C in Q

Melanie C will be in the January 2000 issue of Q magazine (UK).

17th December 1999 | Posted by: SpiceNews

>> Mel Cries @ Last Show

Melanie C wept on stage at the end of the Spice Girls' final show of their December tour. Melanie C's explanation? She says:

"I always end up crying on the first and last night of a tour."

14th December 1999 | Posted by: SpiceNews

>> Millennium Prayers For Richard!

Melanie C joined the ranks of George Michael by bashing the current number 1 single in the UK for the third week in a row "Millennium Prayer" by Sir Cliff Richard. The song has received very much media scrutiny, and has not been played by many major radio stations. Melanie C said:

"It's a complete pile of shit. It's nothing new. It's put together very cheaply and it's ripping off the fans. If it was any good, I'd say 'Good on you, Cliff,' but it's not. It's terrible."

10th December 1999 | Posted by: SpiceNews

>> Mel C In Sanity

Melanie C was recently featured in Sanity Magazine (AUS). The free magazine has a three page interview with her.

10th December 1999 | Posted by: SpiceNews

>> Mel C in LA Weekly

There is an interview article with Melanie C is in this week's issue of LA Weekly, a free newspaper available in Los Angeles. Article to be posted in the near future.

6th December 1999 | Posted by: SpiceNews

>> Mel Talks @bout Pop!

Sporty Spice Melanie C has recently talked with MTV News (US) and expressed her feelings on the current state of pop music and where the Spice Girls stand in it. Melanie said:

"Initially we were standing up there for Girl Power and everything, which is fantastic. Now there's a lot of girl bands. There's a lot more female artists, maybe not having to do with us, but you know, it's made it more acceptable, and in Britain there's some great pop out there... and there's a lot of terrible pop out there, which is a shame. But that's always the way. When something comes out in fashion, when something becomes successful, everybody jumps on the bandwagon. So that's something which is quite sad, but it was gonna happen. It was gonna happen anyway, and I mean, I feel now music is... enough already with the pop. You know, I think it's time for the next stage, thank you very much. I mean, okay, Spice Girls - we're a pop band, but I think we're the more sophisticated end of pop. I like to think so, anyway."

Thanks to Zila.

1st December 1999 | Posted by: SpiceNews

>> Queen Latifah

Melanie C will be one of the celebrity judges for a karaoke contest on Queen Latifah's show this Friday. Check local listings for times and stations.

1st December 1999 | Posted by: SpiceNews

>> Mel C: Track Her

Melanie C joined Virgin boss Richard Branson today to open the new Virgin Megastore in Glasgow's Buchanan Street. Melanie signed copies of her album Northern Star at the store after it opened.

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