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 April 2002 News

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26h April 2002 | Posted by: Paul

>> Lisa Lopes DEAD

Lisa Left Eye Lopes [from TLC] has died in a car crash, aged 31.  We shall not go into the details of the crash, as some visitors may not wish to know.  The singer featured on Melanie's global smash hit, Never Be The Same Again, and had just finished recording TLC's fourth album.  Also, her solo career had just kicked off, and she had a lot left to give.  Following the death of r 'n' b star Aaliyah, this is a shock to all music fans.  Melanie C 2K pays it's respects to Lisa, and if you wish to share a comment, we may post it on the site.  E-mail it to: .  It is still unknown whether Lisa had recorded a new track with Melanie on her forthcoming album. 

Melanie is said to be 'devastated' and described Lisa as a 'delight' to work with.

20th April 2002 | Posted by: Paul

>> New Single Out June?

True!  Melanie will be releasing 'Who Invented Fish & Chips? (Pop It In The Onion Bag)' in June to celbrate the World Cup which is taking place in Japan and Korea.  Other artists feature on the track.

Thanks Dave.

18th April 2002 | Posted by: Paul

>> BILB Soundtrack Cover

Independence Day is out now on the Bend It Like Beckham soundtrack; so here is a scan of the front cover of the CD for those fans who ain't got it yet, or will be waiting a while!


15th April 2002 | Posted by: Paul

>> Independence Day Out Now!!!

Independence Day is out now on the Bend It Like Beckham soundtrack!  Go get it!

11th April 2002 | Posted by: Paul

>> New Album Out Next Year!

On GMTV's Entertainment section today, Melanie C announced that her new album will not be out until next year, as she can finish to satisfaction.

Paul:  Oh Great?!  It could be that it is the end of this year, early next year she said.  It was my mum who told me, and I was at school, but a friend confirmed it.  At least we will get a top notch 2nd Album to follow up Northern Star!

11th April 2002 | Posted by: Paul

>> Pictures Of Mel @ BILB Premiere

Here are some pictures of Melanie C as the Bend It Like Beckham Premiere last night in London:

Picture 1  |  Picture 2

Melanie has re-worked and recorded Independence Day a track which didn't make it onto Northern Star to feature on the BILB soundtrack.  It features alongside Victoria Beckham.  The film sees the return of former All Saint member Shaznay Lewis in this 21st century film.

8th April 2002 | Posted by: Melanie C 2K Team

>> Welcome To Melanie C 2K [Version 2!]

Hello!  Let's hope we got it right this time, lol!  Welcome to the new site design, and we hope you like it!  As from now we will start bringing you the latest Melanie C news!  Any questions? e-mail us at:

--End Of News--

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