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 August 2002 News

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25th August 2002 | Posted by: Paul

>> Feeling The Strain

Click to enlarge, the following scanned image of an article which appeared in today's Mail On Sunday's supplement 'Night & Day':




Scanned By Melanie C 2K.

19th August 2002 | Posted by: Paul

>> Bryan Adams On Mel

Bryan Adams was on Capital's 'Takeover' slot last night, and spoke about Melanie for almost a minute, when he was introducing their duet song, 'When You're Gone'...

"When I was making the album 'On A Day Like Today' there was one little piece of the puzzle that I hadn't filled. I had a song called 'When You're Gone' that I'd written with Eliott Kennedy. I'd done a harmony to it that I really liked, but it needed a voice, it needed someone unusual. I bumped into Mel C in a hotel in LA - we were going up in the lift together and we started talking, then we met in the bar later and she was telling me she was going to do a solo album and everything. So I asked her to come and sing on my song and she said 'Yeah, I'd love to'. So she ended up being the surprise vocalist on my record and I'm sure it really did surprise a lot of people because I don't think people would have expected the two of us to sing together - that's what made it interesting, it was a great combination. I love Mel, she's a great, great spirit and I think she's got a wonderful voice. It's still one of my favourite songs to play live. I drag people up from the audience when I do this song because it's a really easy song to sing - here it is, 'When You're Gone'."

Thanks Dee.

15th August 2002 | Posted by: Paul

>> Justin Collab?

Justin Timberlake of boyband N*Sync has said that he in his solo album, wants work with Thomas (Matchbox 20), Melanie C and Janet Jackson.

Potential Collaboration for Melanie, and exposure in the USA.  It would be good to follow up I Turn To You's success.

15th August 2002 | Posted by: Paul

>> Mel Squatting!

The UK magazine Now, has published the following article about Mel: [click to enlarge]

Thanks Dee For Scanning.  Plus check out this link for cool pics of Mel working out!

8th August 2002 | Posted by: Paul

>> Mel Of A Sight

The UK tabloid, The Daily Star have published the following article about Melanie: [click to enlarge image that contains article]:

Thanks Dee and Angie.

7th August 2002 | Posted by: Paul

>> Mel Sighting!

Here are some pics of Mel at the Santa Monica Pier on the 4th August:

6th August 2002 | Posted by: Paul

>> Mel in UK!

This is indicated by Heat Magazine (UK):

"Mel C going into the World Cancer Research Fund building in Harley Street and positively glowing with health"

& from The Daily Star Tabloid:

" Spotted: Mel C having lunch with a mate in High Street Kensington as her pet dog looked on"

Thanks Dee.

--End Of News--

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