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 July 2002 News

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31st July 2002 | Posted by: Paul

>> Melanie Clears Up Rumours!

Check out Melanie's Official Site, where she says:

Setting The Record Straight

There have been a few stories circulating in the press lately about me, my record label, the track listing for the second album and the release date. Well it's time I straightened a few things out!

Let's start with Virgin Records. I've had a fantastic relationship with my label for the past six years and I still do. They have never tried to enforce a delayed release of the album for any reason whatsoever. I had originally hoped to release the album in October/November 2002 but I needed more time. That was my decision. We are now aiming for early 2003. It's amazing how often the press try to conjure up tension between the artist and the record company ‚ makes exciting reading I suppose. Anyway, I'm very pleased with how the album's coming along and so are my record company. It is such an old cliché to roll out those 'nasty bosses at record label demand female artist loses weight' type lines. As if! My record label are interested in the music I make. I'm not signed to a modelling agency, for f**k's sake. Another myth is that I would be avoiding a release around the same time as Melanie B and Geri have books being published. Firstly, I won't have nearly finished my album in time and secondly, I'm releasing an album of songs - I'm not writing a book.

We were having a laugh in the office this morning about some of the track names being suggested by the newspapers for the album. In the Letters section a few months back I mentioned that one of the tracks is called Here It Comes Again ‚ they got that one right, but that's the only one! Check out some of these mythical titles: Come Over To My Bed, It's Not Fair, and Bite Me! Where the hell did they come from? bit too kinky for me! They also talked about the track 'You Taught Me' which was a demo from years and years ago!

So as you can see, all is good with me and album number #2. You'll have to wait a few more months for your first listen but I'm hoping you'll think it was worth waiting for.

Love M

20th July 2002 | Posted by: Paul

>> Album Flab Trap 2

From the Lorraine Kelly column in The Sun:

THE events of the past few days have shown how diametrically opposite the former Ginger and Sporty Spices have become.

Geri is pictured on the front of her autobiography, looking ultra-thin and wearing nothing but a pair of briefs and a measuring tape that shows she has the vital statistics of a Barbie doll.

This is the second stab she has had at writing her memoirs and I cannot help wondering if there really is anything new to find out since the last one was published in October 1999.

Geri is now more famous for being underweight and for her struggles with various distressing eating disorders than for her pop career.

She brought out a yoga video that showed off her taut and tight body but failed to mention that as well as doing yoga she was also throwing up her dinner.

Meanwhile, the former Sporty Spice, Melanie C, who was always the true musical talent in the band, is battling with her record company who want her to lose weight before her new album is released.

Mel has had to put up with this kind of nonsense ever since she started carving out a solo career.

I remember in the late Nineties she was cruelly labelled Beefy Spice just because she had put on a few pounds.

The way some critics reacted you would have thought the poor woman had killed and eaten a baby instead of simply enjoying some fattening food, a few beers on holiday and coming home with a little bit of excess baggage around the belly.

In other words, being completely normal.

Mel has kept out of the public eye since her romance with ex-Five member Jay collapsed and has been concentrating on writing and recording her new album.

Now, apparently, her record company has ordered her to lose a stone before the album is released in September.

Mel, a feisty lass from Liverpool, is having none of it.

She wants to stay a sensible size 12 instead of falling in line with the rest of celebrity-land who are on constant diets and who have sour expressions and hungry eyes.

Mel is digging her heels in and it is possible that the album could be delayed until early 2003.

I really hope she sticks to her guns and stays the shape and size she is happy with.

She admitted to being deeply depressed at having to diet all the time during the heyday of the Spice Girls and now she is older and wiser she wants to be herself and enjoy her life.

I think her attitude is admirable and I would far rather my daughter had Mel as a role model than Geri.

Thanks SpicyRob.

MC 2K: Again, from The Sun-  But Lorraine Kelly makes a lovely point- Melanie, to be honest as long as your happy, we're happy.  Bring on album 2- and if Virgin come to their senses [assuming this story about her weight is true] bring it on sooner!

18th July 2002 | Posted by: Paul

>> Album Flab Trap

A tabloid newspaper [The Sun] has wrote the following, concerning Melanie's new album:


Spice Girl Melanie C has had a huge bust-up with her record label after they told her she was too fat. Virgin want her to lose a stone before the promotion starts for the release of her second album which had been set for September 16.

UK Tabloid The Sun has reported that Melanie is determined to stay the shape she is and discard her Sporty Spice label once and for all. The row is still raging and means the album, Here It Comes Again, will now not come out until February next year, at the earliest.

Melanie is the last of the Spice Girls still signed up as a solo artist with Virgin. The others Victoria Beckham, Melanie B and Emma Bunton have all been dropped. Desperate to avoid another flop they have told Melanie to lose the weight, saying they want to position her as a new Natalie Imbruglia. A record company source said: “Both Mel and Virgin have agreed that she should keep to the rock vibe that helped her 1999 album, Northern Star, do so well. But that is where their agreement ends. “Virgin have told Mel she needs to lose weight as looks are so important in the record market. “But Mel has told them she wants to be real to herself and thinks the fact that she is not skinny should not impact on her sales. "She was horrified last year when she visited Alder Hey Children’s Hospital in Liverpool after dying her hair blonde and losing a bit of weight and everyone in the Press wrote about how she was back to being Sporty Spice. “She wants to put all of that behind her now, she wants to be seen purely in terms of being a solo artist.

“The album is finished but the stand-off means the original release date which was perfect for the all-important Christmas sales has been moved. Virgin have pencilled in February next year now but only if they can come to an agreement with Mel first.”

In March 2001 Mel announced she did not plan to do any more work with the Spice Girls. She said: “I’ve grown up and I just feel that I want to do things my own way and not compromise.”

Thanks to PatrickPang from DenDen and Ahung. 

Paul:  I wouldn't take this TOO seriously, but it could be true- but there again it couldn't...I hope it isn't going to be a case of here it comes again for the weight issue...

15th July 2002 | Posted by: Paul

>> Melanie's Bro!

Click Here to see a pick of Mel and her bro!

Thanks H_Brit.

11th July 2002 | Posted by: Paul

>> Melanie's Mates!!

Melanie B told Channel 5 audiences of 'my mate Mel' whilst hosting the eight hour extravaganza that was Party In The Park.  This puts down any rumours of arguments between the to.

11th July 2002 | Posted by: Paul

>> Release Me!

Melanie C has told fans, and as her management that her first single will be out January 2003, and the album following in the February!

1st July 2002 | Posted by: Paul

>> Sporty Fruity Spice

Here are some pictures of Melanie with Ying, getting a bit fruity!

--End Of News--

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