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 June 2002 News

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21st June 2002 | Posted by: Paul

>> Northern Night Starr

(From The Mirror) Melanie C was spotted at a Lenny Kravitz's gig.  Here is the picture, and below is the article:

BEING a celebrity definitely has its advantages.  You can get into clubs and bars whenever you want without needing a ticket, but unfortunately your other half has to have that golden pass.  Mel C's man Thomas Starr, 34, had a spot of trouble getting into the Lenny Kravitz after-show party when his precious ticket went missing.  Mel, refusing to go back up the steps to Soho's Pop nightclub, decided it was best to get 3am to organise Thomas's entrance.  Naturally we agreed to the former Spice Girl's request, and Thomas was partying away like the rest of us within minutes.  Mel, 27, has been in Los Angeles for months recording her new album.  After dropping into Lenny Kravitz's gig the pair moved on to the after-show shindig where they spent most of the night snogging and cuddling. Bless. Shaking her wet hand the star said: "Oh sorry about that wet hand thing. It's not wee. It's just I had to take a couple of pints over to our table."

Thanks Melanie C Community.

7th June 2002 | Posted by: Paul

>> Album News!


From Head Office:  30 tracks recorded, and one left to record.  12 will make album and the rest used for b-sides.


Thanks SpiceyBeat from DenDen Forums.

6th May 2002 | Posted by: Paul

>> Northern Star Updated!

Melanie C's official website, has been updated with a couple more pictures from her opening the health centre, and more.

5th June 2002 | Posted by: Paul

>> Not On WIFAC!

Melanie C is NOT on the Fat Les song 'Who Invented Fish and Chips? (Pop It In The Onion Bag) her management confirmed today, though she did lay down vocals, they did not make the final cut.

Paul:  LOL!  Typical.  Here It Comes Again- Well, not til next year it seems!

4th June 2002 | Posted by: Paul

>> Opening Women Health Centre

Melanie C opened a new health centre for women in London recently. Mel had the following to say:

"Anybody's ailments can be treated with holistic therapies, but these sorts of treatments are usually very expensive. I am lucky enough to be able to afford it whenever I want, but many people can't and this place is perfect for them."

Pictures:- Click To Enlarge

Thanks SoloSpiceNews.

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