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Album 2

Last Update: May 2002

Album Title:  TBA

Scheduled Release Date: Autumn 2002/ Winter 2003

Known Tracks: 

  • 'Here It Comes Again' [Confirmed April 2002]

Rumoured Tracks:

  • 'Electrifying'

  • 'Love and Affection'

More Information:

Melanie C began working on album two recording wise in October 2001, and finished in April 2002.  Details of tracks off the album and other information should be expected to leak out over the next few months, as the build up to the new album gets greater.  She has also re-worked a track which didn't make Northern Star, called Independence Day, which is going to be on the Bend It Like Beckham [film] soundtrack along with a song off fellow Spice Girl, Victoria Beckham.  However, Independence Day is not going to be included on the new album, it was confirmed recently. 

Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen was also covered by Melanie and Russell Watson, whom she performed with in May 2001, at a Orchestral Concert.  However, she has confirmed that the track was scrapped as it wasn't good enough, and she wasn't prepared to ruin one of the greatest songs of all time.

Melanie has also recorded another track for the World Cup Album, to celebrate the 2002 World Cup in Japan and Korea.  The song is rumoured to have been recorded with Keith Allan, and is also meant to be called 'Pop it in the Onion Bag'.  However, both statements are yet to be confirmed by Melanie's management or Virgin Records.

The album itself is understood to be finished, though mixing and 'brushing up' is now being done.  Obviously, the team behind Mel will be working on forthcoming artwork, videos, single ideas and so forth.  It is expected that a single will be out by Autumn, and the album shall follow shortly.  The album will come 3 years after Northern Star, which has nearly sold 3 Million Copies worldwide! 

Rumoured titles of singles are being released by tabloid critics, whom surprisingly have given previews of tracks a very warm reception.  What a turn around from 2000 and Mel's press back lash!

We can't wait!  Stay tuned for more Information.