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Vital Statistics

Name:               Melanie Jayne Chisholm

Nicknames:         Sporty Spice, Indie Spice

D.O.B:               12 January 1974

Place of birth:    Widness, near Liverpool

Star Sign:          Capricorn

Height:                 5'6" [1m, 68cm]

Eye Colour:        Hazel Brown

Hair Colour:         Brown/Red [Dark to Blonde to Dark]

Family:                 Mum: Joan O'Neill  | Dad: Alan Chisholm

                                        Brothers: Paul, Alan & Declan

                        Step-Mum: Carol Chisholm

                        Step-Dad: Dennis O'Neill

                        Step Brothers: Jarrod and Stuart O'Neil

                        Step Sister: Emma Williams

Body Endorsements/Tattoos:

  • A Nose Piercing
  • Two Ear Piercing's
  • Celtic Chain [Right Arm]
  • 2 Chinese Symbols [Right Arm]: Woman and Strength
  • A  Celtic Cross [Left Arm]
  • Phoenix on  upper back.
  • A lotus on her lower back.
  • A Star [Right Hand]
  • A Chinese Dragon [Right Calf]
  • Symbols [on wrists]
  • "ANGEL" on her belly.  For her Grandparents.

Young Melanie C

Favourite Primary School Game: 

Handstands, British Bulldog, Stuck In The Middle

Best Friend @ Junior School: Claire

Favourite Food: Chinese

Favourite TV: Top Of The Pops, Dallas, Charlie's Angels

Favourite Popstars: Madonna, Nenah Cherry, Bruce Willis, Adam Ant, Cory Haim, Kylie Minogue.

Favourite School Subject: PE [Netball and Dance in particular]

Best Subject At School Was: French

Worst Subject At School Was: Maths

School Plays: Blood Brothers, Annie, The Wiz

Hobbies: Dancing, Fashion [Toy Master]

Teenage Melanie C

Exams:  Go 4 B's and 5 C's at GCSE's.

First Boyfriend: Tim [who Mel describes as 'the class clown'.

Spots?:  Never had any, just pimples... 'Every two weeks I'd get a great big one on my nose'.

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