Melanie C 2K

Contact Melanie

If you wish to contact Melanie herself, write to the address stated below:

Melanie C, PO BOX 25777, London, SW20 8WE

Please do not pester people for Melanie's home addresses.  As more and more people get her address, the more mail she has to cope with.  It is far safer for Melanie, and all concerned for you to write to the address provided.  All mail sent to this address IS READ.  Her management team will sort through it all, and Melanie will read some herself.

If you send a S.A.E with your letter you may well receive a signed photograph, as others have done.

Alternatively, go onto Melanie's official site, and write a letter on the letters page.

Unfortunately, people will still try and write to Mel's home address- which very soon will simply throw mail away- as it is a private address.  Please show Melanie some courtesy, as she has now drawn a line byt sending the message 'Please write to Melanie at the following address...' .  I hope this will suede you all to write to the proper address and not write to Mel's address.

What worried me is that someone said 'we have a right- we buy her stuff', which is totally out of order- we have no right.  Plus, If you were a real fan you would be pleased with the music she has provided us with, her performances, interviews, and kindness.  Melanie has always been in touch with her fans, let's just make sure we stay in touch the right way with her.

I hope this page has been of use to you.

Paul xx