Melanie C 2K

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Aim Icons

Last Updated 10/02

This feature is for AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) users only [though some other services like yahoo may be similar], right click the icon you desire from the selection below [which will appear on your buddies Instant Message (IM) box] and highlight "Save Picture As." Then choose a folder for it to be stored in and click Save.

Start AIM and open "Edit Options" then "Edit Preferences."

Select "Buddy Icon", making sure that your screen name is highlighted. Then click "Browse PC" and open the icon you saved in one of your computer folders. Click "OK" and you're finished!

The Sets

The following four sets of icons that consist of five from each existing Melanie C Music Video: [GOIN DOWN will be added shortly]

Thanks Ben for his help.

The following sets below are a mixture of icons- from Northern Star artwork, to current photographs.

Set 1


Set 2


Set 3

Set 4


More will be on the way soon...