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Last Updated 10/02


1. What is the name of Melanie's second solo single?

a) Northern Star
b) Ga Ga
c)  Goin' Down

d) Feel The Sun

2.  What was the venue  when Melanie wore a shirt saying 'Fit' with fat crossed out?

a) TOTP Awards
b) TOTP Music Week Show
c) CD:UK
d) The Brits

3. What did Melanie sing with Russell Watson?

a) Ain't No Stoppin Us Now
b) I'm So Excited
c) Barcelona
d) Back For Good

4. Which of the following was on the I Turn To You tape single?

a) Here It Is
b) I Wonder What It Would Be Like
c) Be The One Live
d) Northern Star Live

5. Melanie C's famous in the Spice Girls for what?

a) Her Karate kick.
b) Her bunches.
c)  Her scariness.
d)  Being Posh.

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