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Want to know about how the website is made, what with, and who we wanna thank?  Well this is the page for you.  Select an option form the list below or simply scroll the page!


>>Old Designs

>>Design Information

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Paul was the sole owner of this site from January 2002 until April 2002, when he brought in Krt, who is going to help make this site even bigger than it is!  Melanie C 2K is well on it's way to success; it has already been in a magazine called Web Pages Made Easy, is recognised by several major search engines, and has the latest Melanie C news!  There is loads more additions in store this year, joining with the release of Melanie C's new album!  We are currently ranked high in website charts, and our statistics are beginning to mirror those of well established sites.  In the charts we have ranked #2 as our highest position, and have remained in the top 10 for the last 6 months!

Old Designs

Screen pictures of old designs are on the way. 

Design Information

The website in general is designed by Paul.  This current version is by Phoenix Designs.  The template and 'site map' is laid out by Paul.    Previous ideas have come from Paul and Krt, and both are always working on new ideas!  Some of our logos and images are down to Krt- she is a real imaginative gal- thx! :-)

As for layout, and colours, Paul works on this- and also on general themes carried throughout the site!

Ownership Information

Paul is the owner of the site, and is the webmaster, though Krt shares equal reasonability as 'features' editor.  To be honest it isn't a case of 'I am better' for either one of us; and we get on gr8.

Software Information

FrontPage 2000, Dreamweaver 4, Web! and lots of cool free web sites like .


The team wish to thank the following;


Close People: Cindy, Donna, JIB, Woody, Kaz, Lau, Gav, Ali, Chris, Danny, Gus, Mrs E, and my mum, dad, sister, and Gypsy!  Big shout out to all of those that have left my life and gone off to college.  Also, Grant, you were thought of on the 22nd of August 02.

Really wanna thank:

John [Hear'Say 4eva!] who has become more of a m8 than someone I help out.

Web Pages Made Easy - Kick Started My Web Styff!

Angie Hung- You're a top Melanie C Fan, and have a warm and kind persona.  A very vibrant lady, and your vibes keep us all happy on DenDen.

Ben- Up and coming site master... keep the good work up!

Thanks 2 all of my sources- Official Websites, Tabloids [You are a laugh, but you do make my life hell sometimes!], Geri [for being there and then not], Atomic Kitten [a new inspiration], Spice Girls [Holler!], um people @ MIRC, Worldpop, MSN, and all the other Spice People out there!

A big thanks to Krt of course for being onboard! :-) as well as all YOU lot for coming here- you're all wicked.. and some gorgeous.. lol!  And finally of course... Melanie C! [now I take the gorgeous thing back about you visitors, lol!]  Thanks for being such a big inspiration, and I can only hope that you like our site, and feel that we are doing you justice.

My Message for the moment is:  "When we're together, something so strong, I don't think that we will ever find a limit"  xoxoxox Paul J.

E-mail me:


Melanie C Fans, Family, and all the site visitors.