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March 2002 

Site News, Last Update: 23rd January 2002
Site News: Introduction

Welcome to the 'Melanie C 2K' site news section- when we make changes to the site we will post details here.  Or when we get extremely frustrated with the server we shall tell you of our problems. (lol)...

Any comments which we think that we should share will be posted here.  Also, special thanks, competitions and future plans for the site will ALWAYS be posted here.

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23rd January 2002  (Paul)
Lots of Work

Hello!  I cannot believe that I haven't posted for this long!  Well so much has happened to me since the last post! 

  • School- I have been very busy with my GCSE studies, and I have got my mock results back.  I can tell you that I am delighted with my results!  Here they are:

D&T-  B, Drama- B, English Lang- B/C, English Lit- A 

French- C     Geography- B     History- B     Maths- C    

Science- CC

  • Site- I have been very busy with the magazine stuff (see post below).  I can reveal that Web Pages Made Easy, #Issue 24 goes on sale February 21st with the article about the site!  I am very excited...

I have had a lot of school work to do, and will continue to do so, but things are going very well on the site, and if you have any questions or problems, please e-mail me @ where I will answer any questions.  The site has a lot more pages on the way, so keep your eyes peeled.... it is very secretive, but... I am sure that you are going to like them. 

Anyway, I am very busy with Maths Coursework now as well as Geography and Drama, so I must be off my friends.  I hope that you are all keeping well, and that your lives aren't as hectic as mine!

4th January 2002  (Paul)
Magazine Interview With Us!

I sent an e-mail off to Web Pages Made Easy Magazine about two months ago, thanking them for their help on my sites, and I got a rely back yesterday.  As part of there reader gallery section in the February issue, they would like to include this site.  When the magazine is published I will scan in the article for you all.  It really made my day, and without the visitors it wouldn't' be possible.. so thanks to you!  I would also like to thank; Ahung, PIRCH, Shirley, Notlion, Foghat, Mary and co.  Especially Pistol. hehe.  Thanks to the family, friends, Spice Community Friends, and the visitors! :)

1st January 2002  (Paul)
The Site

Hello All!  Paul here!  WOW!  The site is finally up and running!  My second site and I am very pleased with my first result.  I hope it makes a good impression on you!  I was very determined to better my work and I think that I have!

The news section  has all the latest news Melanie C News!.  It is gonna keep me busy for hours I'll tell ya!

All the other pages are also running smoothly, and it is worth taking a look at all the pages.

I decided that I would lay out some aims for the site, as to better itself:

1.     Soon there will be new pages, including a quiz page.

2.     I will embark on a web promotional tour- promoting the site!

4.     I will have an 'Extra's' page where there will be wallpapers etc. and other surprises!

5.     I will try and get some votes going on in a new poll!  This will appear on the main page!

If there is anything else that you would like to see in this site, click on the link below which will inform you on how to contact me.  I will reply via e-mail, but I may also post something on THIS page or the About page, so that I don't get asked that question again.

Also, if you could spare some time, please sign my Guest Book; If you want to share your ideas, opinions, comments, questions with others please do use this facility.

I hope that you will enjoy this site as much as I have enjoyed making it! Phew- Now I can go get a cup of tea! Cya L8r!


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