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GCSE Results

[Posted By Paul] - 22/8/02

Hey! OMG!  I finally got them...  Here are my GCSE Results:

Drama- C , Design- C  , English- A* , English Literature- B  , French- C ,Geography- B, History- B, Maths- C, Science- CC.

My thoughts: Very pleased with all of my results- though Drama is going to have to get checked, as it could be higher.  I am amazed with my A*- I thought I may get it in Literature and not Language.  French- I passed it!!!! I'm amazed!

Thanks for all your best wishes, Paulxxx

Site News

[Posted By Paul] - 20/8/02

Hey!  Just a quick note so you all know that Melanie C 2K will be having a new design in mid-September.  Also, we are up for 'Glamour Awards'.  Please be sure to vote, when voting begins... also, watch out for my GCSE Results, I get them on Thursday!  Hope that you are all having a a wicked summer, and enjoy the site!  Take Care, Paul xx

P.S  - Krt I am sure would like to say thanks to those who e-mailed saying that our wallpapers [which she did] are wicked. 


[Posted By Paul] - 3/8/02

Heya!  Okay, this isn't exactly site news, but nevertheless I'm posting! I am finally 16- and I got a scanner, a digital camera and some image software for the comp!  Plus, I got 100 off various relatives, and some chocolates, and socks. I'm going out for a meal l8r with my family, and it is gonna be a wicked day! Oh, I also got some CD's off my friends- which I'm happy with!

To site stuff, on Monday we will be celebrating the first year of Melanie C 2K- when I first started working on it!  Watch out for some goodies :-)


Paul xxx

Here It Comes Again

[Posted By Paul] - 23/6/02

Hey- phew- GCSE exams are over.  I can tell you that I am very pleased that they are over and done with!  I get my results on August 22nd, so I will let you know my results when I get them! 

In the meantime, thank you to those of you who have voted for the Generation Awards- It is wicked to have been nominated- and was a hugger surprise to win one!  I  would like to thank Krt, John and all you guys for your support since January.

The site has a lot coming up- hopefully a permanent audio collection- not alternating files.  We would rather employ this method with new audio, so we will be making some changes.  Though, I have got to say- I am quite impressed with how much audio I have managed to provide!

In with the new?  Well, it is really hard to devise new sections- However, a new section called 'Ratings' will appear shortly- ssshh!  Also, Krt is going to devise our first game, and add some more wallpapers!  Perhaps some changes to a few things as well.

As to a new design?!  Hmm, you all like this one a lot- and as I said I don't really have plans to change it.  But, I am playing with a couple of ideas- with both the Northern Star photography and also more recent images.  If Mel does more publicity shots etc. then I would obviously use these to create a new design. 

Away from this site- I am working on re-vamping Spice Fans 2k to make it a news service for all five original spice girls solo careers.  This should be ready by the end of July, as well as an Atomic Kitten site I am working on.  Once I have completed these, my number of websites is fixed- indefinitely. 

I hope Mel has some new material out soon for us, I really do!  I have sent her the letter.  I hope she likes it!  Until next time, cheers for your comments, and bye!

Paul xx


[Posted By Paul] - 31/5/02

Hey all!  I just did the latest round of site updates, I have gone through everything, and scrutinised it, and added, edited things on nearly every page.  As you can see since, the re-open in April, we have a lot more visitors, and a lot more updates, and also our site is getting a lot better!

I apologise for the problems with the Message Boards over the past two weeks, it has been quite a problem, but hopefully is rectified.  We hope that you all begin to use this forum for this site, and although their are better boards out there we would appreciate you using ares as it is a way of giving something back to us for all the time we spend providing you with news and updates.  It is really nice to see you using the site and makes it worthwhile.

I have had exams this past week for my GCSE's and they have gone okay, and I now have one week before another set of exams, and then finally the last two.  So, you now really have my undivided attention.  If you want something adding to the site, let me know now.  Krt too is busy right now, but I am expecting some new wallpapers and games from her shortly. 

I have got further updates planned soon, and I also am going to be launching an Atomic Kitten Site.  As I announced the closure of my Spice Site, I have decided that the design may be used for a new, news service for Spice Fans.  I want this to be a team thing, so if you would like to help out in a new project, e-mail me.

Until next time, cya!

New Design!

[Posted By Paul] - 15/5/02

New Design is up.... hope that you all like it.  The site is designed by Phoenix Designs- a site in making.  My friend John (from HS News) and I were discussing the Melanie C site, and it was a natural progression.  Anyway, I hope that you like what you see, and find the new design bright!  This is Version 3.  Version 2 had been quite dark, but still rather nice- and we got a lot of useful feedback.  Please, please, please, keep on sending in your comments and suggestions, as this site can not be as successful without your input!

All the pages have been updated, redesigned and new fonts to coincide with the new design.  Wallpapers, icons and games are still areas that Krt is working on.  Krt is now 'Features Editor' as this is what we feel suits her work on this site.  She has been wonderful over that past few months, and may I wish her luck in her work at the moment.  Similarly, my exams (GCSE's) have been quite trying- but this site has kept me sane!  Once all the hell of the exams is over, I will try and add more to the site, and start helping out on games.  I would like personally to improve the pictures and aim icons.  I also have a screensaver and winamp project up my sleeve.

I am glad that you like the increasing amounts of audio files- though I must again re-iterate the rules of the site.  Please read the disclaimer.

Design wise- the site WILL stay the same for quite a while now.  At least up until Christmas or even until the new album is out.  Anyhow, I love this new design, and it really is continuing the excellent progress this site is making.  We are in several website charts, and as I write are number four in one.  We are getting regular visitors, and statistics are on the rise.  Obviously, there is always more to do, so enough of my gabbling- thanks for your support, and Melanie C 2K Version 3 is here!


The Forum!

[Posted By Paul] - 2/4/02

Hey All!  Well, as well as the changed scroll bar, we have changed forum systems!  'Hostboard' is now where our community board shall be run- please feel free to post there.  Please be sure to read the rules before entering though.  Any comments or suggestions of how we may improve such interactive services should be e-mailed to .  We decided against the MSN community, as the set up was a nightmare- and we didn't particularly feel like dragging you all through the registering, logging in etc process.  An MSN community may be something we later look at this year... perhaps!

In terms of the rest of the site, all is well, and we have lots in store- Not Now, But Later.  Stay Tuned!  Wish me the best of luck in my GCSE Exams, and Krt as she continues her studies, and projects.  I have decided to close my Spice Girls site, as I would really like to concentrate on this one.  However, by the end of summer the design will have been used to create an Atomic Kitten Site.  So, watch out www! Once again, thanks for your support,


The Upcoming!

[Posted By Paul/Krt] - 18/4/02

Hello!   Well, ten days on from 'face off' time, and the response has been incredible!  Site Statistics are gradually improving, and we are noticing people who are coming back frequently!  It is great to have 'the regulars'!  Well, your support and ideas are very much appreciated!  A lot of you were VERY concerned about media- so today, some visual media was made available!

We also aim to keep adding to the pages that exist.  New Wallpapers is Krt's mission, and when new images are around, further AIM icons!  As well as the additions to the current sections, we aren't happy with the community service currently provided, so we have come to the decision to close the message boards.  They are rather unappealing, and do not fit in with the site look at all.  We will soon be replacing the existing message board with an MSN community, or a new system.  We hope that you find this service more satisfying, and easier to use!  Please send any comments or concerns you have on this to,where the moderation team will deal with your concerns! 

In terms of anything new, the 'games' section is something which we are working on, with a fun novelty game in Krt's mind.  Other than that, we don't see the need for any specific new pages, though we intend to build on what we have.  Also, we may be adding a 'comments' addition to the news section.  How this will work, Krt and I are still discussing.  If you would be like a new page, or have information or ideas of what could be added to a page, please feel free to submit them to where either Krt or I will get back to you. 

Once again, thanks for the immense support that we have had, and we hope that you are enjoying the Melanie C 2K experience!

Paul & Krt

The Future

[Posted By Paul/Krt] - 8/4/02

Hello!  Welcome to the new look Melanie C 2K!  WOW!  We have come along way in a few short months.  We are really pleased how the design has come along, and with lots of diligence we are now competing with the finest fan sites around!  We also have a new domain:  - Far better than our previous one; though we intend to use another web service in summer.

We have tried to avoid to much loading time and flooding you with graphics, though we shall be trying out new ideas over the next few months.  However, our main priority now is to provide you guys with the latest content; especially as Melanie C has finished working on her second album!  There is lots more content on the way, but if you have any specific ideas, e-mail us at where we will look at your ideas and get back to you.  Please also look out for polls which will help us improve the site. 

Welcome To The New Melanie C 2K Experience!  All the new sections are up and available [except 'games' in the more section- we want your ideas!].  All the old sections have been reworked also.  As well as working on new ideas that you guys give us, we have one more idea which is left for us to exercise.... stay tuned for info on that soon!

If there is any error on the site, or you feel that there is something missing, please don't hesitate to contact us at .  Also, if there are any particularly slow loading pages; we would like to know, so that we can improve it for you.

Paul & Krt

In Web Pages Made Easy

[Posted By: Paul] - 1/4/02

Yes!  The magazine did come out!  It is very cool, and has improved the site's hits significantly! I will of course publish the scan of it, as soon as I can.  Also, watch out for further promotional endeavours in May- August time!  We would appreciate you spreading the Melanie C 2K word also!