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 June 1999 News

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26th June 1999 | Posted by: SpiceNews

>> Mel C: Track Her!

Melanie C is in Kansas City today doing a radio promotion for the 4th of July called Red White and Boom.

23rd June 1999 | Posted by: SpiceNews

>> Ga Ga

Melanie C revealed to The Sun newspaper that Ga Ga will also be on Northern Star, her solo album.

22nd June 1999 | Posted by: SpiceNews

>> Soundtrack Out

The Big Daddy soundtrack featuring Melanie C's debut single "Ga Ga" is available today in the US!

15th June 1999 | Posted by: SpiceNews

>> Big Daddy Premiere

One premiere after another! Melanie C will be attending the Big Daddy premiere, which will be on Thursday, June 17 at 7:30 p.m. at the AVCO, 10840 Wilshire Blvd. in Westwood. No word on whether Melanie G will still be around for the event.

15th June 1999 | Posted by: SpiceNews

>> Mel C'S Wish List

From issue 52 of Top Of The Pops (Thanks to Little M):

  • I want to release a Christmas record next year.
  • I'd like to work with Madonna (duh), Fatboy Slim and Blur, who are my favourite bands right now.
  • I'm interested in writing for other artists.
  • I need to learn how to play the guitar properly and I also want to start the piano.
  • I'd like to learn how to use a studio mixing desk. It's so frustrating not knowing how so I need to get more technically-minded.
  • Holiday-wise I'd love to visit parts of South America, especially Peru, and it's be great to go somewhere quite spiritual like India. It's over a year ago since I was there and I'd absolutely love to go back.

13th June 1999 | Posted by: SpiceNews

>> Mel C Backstage

:Rumour Warning::

Melanie C was apparently back stage during the Robbie Williams performance at the 1999 MTV Movie Awards.

:Rumour Warning::

12th June 1999 | Posted by: SpiceNews

>> Off The Charts

Bryan Adams and Melanie C's song "When You're Gone" has finally left the Australian Top 100 after 27 weeks in which it has peaked at #4 and gone platinum. Thanks Jamie.

12th June 1999 | Posted by: SpiceNews

>> Woman's Football Awareness

This week, June 12 to June 20, is Women's Football Awareness week in England. (Football of course being soccer) This is working up to the Women's World Cup which starts on June 19th in America. England will see over 250 events and festivals around the country this week promoting women's soccer. Soccer is the fastest growing female sport in the world. The awareness week was launched by the F.A.'s executive director David Davies. Melanie C of Spice Girls and Melanie B of All Saints have thrown in their support for the initiative. Melanie B of All Saints said:

"All Saints are big football fans and we would like to offer our support to Women's Football Awareness Week. We hope that this will be the start of something big for girls. I support Manchester United, Nic and Nat support Arsenal (he he!), whilst Shaznay actually played for Arsenal Ladies FC when at school, even though she supports Tottenham"

Melanie C of Spice Girls said:

"Football is the greatest game in the world and I think it's wicked that girls will now have as much chance to play football as boys. I used to love playing footie with my local team, Watford Ladies, and it's something I'd love to get back into. So come on girls, show those boys what you're made of!"

12th June 1999 | Posted by: SpiceNews

>> Madonna Collaboration Confirmed

Melanie C has confirmed that she will be working with Madonna on tracks for her debut solo album which will be entitled "Northern Star". Mel recently flew to New York to join Madonna at a Central Park restaurant. Melanie has said to British Cosmopolitan magazine:

"When Madonna invited me to spend some time with her, I was thrilled. She's been an idol of mine since I was a child. I'm recording a solo album, which shall come out in the Christmas time and I plan to work with her on some of my songs. She's been my idol growing up, she's what made me want to start my music career in the first place."

Melanie was also asked by the magazine: "Are you getting set for when the Spice Girls will be, you know, no longer?" and she replied:

"No more? If you are trying to tell me the Spice Girls will soon be in written history, you have gotten me wrong. We're here to stay for a while whether you like it, or not."

8th June 1999 | Posted by: SpiceNews

>> More About Next Bond

:Rumour Warning::

Melanie C is reportedly to receive $427,000 to sing the title song for the next James Bond Movie entitled "The World Is Not Enough". She is also scheduled to shoot the video for the song within the next few days.

:Rumour Warning::

6th June 1999 | Posted by: SpiceNews

>> Austin Powers Premiere

Melanie C and Melanie G will be at the Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me Premiere which takes place this Tuesday at Universal Amphitheatre in Universal City.

6th June 1999 | Posted by: SpiceNews

>> Mel C Song Title

Melanie C's song on the Big Daddy soundtrack is entitled "Ga Ga".

3rd June 1999 | Posted by: SpiceNews

>> Mel C @ 94

Forgot to mention that Melanie C came in at 94 in FHM Magazine's 100 sexiest women 1999. Thanks Val.

2nd June 1999 | Posted by: SpiceNews

>> Sexy Feet

A UK survey of 120 shoe shops conducted by shoe firm Selha asking which celebrity has the sexiest feet turned out like this:

1. Geri Halliwell
2. Melanie Chisholm
3. Cindy Crawford
4. Naomi Campbell
5. Gwyneth Paltrow
6. Caprice
7. Victoria Adams
8. Madonna
9. Mandy Smith
10. Ulrika Jonsson

End Of News--

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