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 May 2000 News

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31st May 2000 | Posted by: SpiceNews

>> TOTP Video

Melanie C's recent appearance on Top Of The Pops  as well as other recent Spice Girls appearances can be downloaded in realvideo at SPICE GIRLS TV APPEARANCES.

Thanks Helmy

30th May 2000 | Posted by: SpiceNews

>> New Spice Video Shot

In a small interview after her performance on Saturday's TOTP (see below story), Melanie C said:

"I was nervous before going on stage, but there was so much love from the crowd when I went on that I had a brilliant time. There is so much energy that you just lose yourself. Life for me is fantastic right now, everyone's doing their solo projects at the moment. We've also just finished the third Spice Girls album and shot the next video. The album should be out in maybe October or November."

30th May 2000 | Posted by: SpiceNews

>> Fit Not Fat!

Sporty Spice Mel C performed at Top Of The Pops (UK) on Saturday. She was one of the few there that sang her song "Never Be The Same Again" live. The most attention grabbing part of her performance was her t-shirt, which fired a message back at the media. The front of the shirt read "Tabloids, Kiss My...", and the back said "Fat Ass" with the word Fat crossed out and replaced with the word "Fit". Mel was firing back at the media for making such a big deal about a small amount of weight she gained for a short period of time which she has now lost.

25th May 2000 | Posted by: SpiceNews

>> Mel C Parties In The Park!

Melanie C will be performing at this year's Party In The Park music festival which takes place on July 9th in London's Hyde Park. Other acts at the festival will include Christina Aguilera, All Saints, Destiny's Child, Savage Garden, Westlife, and Ronan Keating. Tickets are on sale now and are expected to sell out within two days. Call 0870 7300958 for tickets.

Thanks Matt Shepherd.

25th May 2000 | Posted by: SpiceNews

>> Mel C Gives The Finger!

Melanie C's official website has been updated with the following news:

Melanie is included in the line up at a special hour long Top of the Pops at this years BBC Music Live event at Sheffield Arena on 29th May. Jamie Theakston hosts some of the biggest and best musical acts from around the world celebrating the records and artists of the year so far. All Saints, S Club 7, Ronan Keating, Gabrielle, Moloko, Craig David, Artful dodger, Fragma, Andreas Johnson and Chicane with Bryan Adams have also confirmed their involvement.

Tickets are unfortunately sold out but you can still listen in by tuning to Radio 1 or BBC 1 for a live broadcast from 16:30.

18th May 2000 | Posted by: SpiceNews

>> Mel C TV

Melanie C's official site has a new list of upcoming television appearances by the northern star. Here is the list:

  • May 29: BBC Music Live TOTP - Performance
  • May 31: Jerry Springer
  • June 21: Richard Blackwood - Interview
  • June 23: Blue Peter - Performance
  • June 24: CD:UK - Iview and "I Turn To You" Video
  • June 30: Big Breakfast
  • July 1: CD:UK - Performance
  • July 2: T4
  • July 4: MTV Select
  • July 6: Top Of The Pops
  • July 8: FBI
  • July 10: GMTV
  • July 11: GMTV - Interview and Performance
  • July 16: Planet Pop
  • July 22: CD:UK

Note that the Jerry Springer show listed here is not the same loony talk show that is popular in the US. This is a show where Jerry Springer is a host and interviews celebrity guests.

16th May 2000 | Posted by: SpiceNews

>> Mel C Interview & Article

Here is a local copy of a telephone interview Mel C did with Ugly Phil for Australian Radio yesterday. In the interview Melanie talks about the media, reveals officially for the first time her new tattoo on her hand and that it is her little Northern Star, finishes off by saying Spice Girls may be in Australia in November, and more:

And here is a local copy of that OK! Magazine (UK) Mel C article in the current issue that I typed up. In this article, Mel talks a bit about her sporty days back in high school, and how possible future Spice Girls tours will work with Mel B's and Victoria's babies:

16th May 2000 | Posted by: SpiceNews

>> J Not Mel's?

::Rumour Warning::

Many people from Brazil have been sending in reports that J from boy group Five was on MTV Brazil and this dialogue took place:

VJ: I want to know if you have girlfriends?

J: No, I don't have a girlfriend.

VJ: But yesterday I saw an interview with Mel C, and she said that you two are dating.

J: No, No we are not dating.

VJ: And she also said that Ricky Martin is pretty cute, but is no J.

J: Really?! Well, what can I say...

It's got a rumour warning because there has been no official press coverage of this, only individual reports.

Thanks everyone from Brazil who sent it in.

::Rumour Warning::

16th May 2000 | Posted by: SpiceNews

>> Mel C In Ok!

There is a small article about Melanie C accompanied with some cool exclusive pictures(5 pages worth) in the May 12th (current?) issue of OK! Magazine (UK). I'll try to type up the interview and post it along with another Mel C interview later today (no promises).

14th May 2000 | Posted by: SpiceNews

>> Melbourne Radio Interview

Melanie C will be doing an interview with Andy Grace and Jennifer Bert for Melbourne's Most Wanted (a top 40 show). The station is 101.1 TTFM and the interview will take place this Monday, May 15th, at 9pm Australian Eastern Time.

Thanks to Luke Peterson.

13th May 2000 | Posted by: SpiceNews

>> Spice Single?

Heat magazine has conducted an interview with Sporty Spice Melanie C. In the interview Mel reveals some new information about the third Spice Girls album. The first single off the album will be a ballad entitled "Let Love Lead The Way" and will be released in August, with the full album coming in September. Melanie said about "Let Love Lead The Way":

"It's just about love conquering all, really. Highs and lows, happy times and sad times - it's about life."

Mel also assured fans of the quality of the third album:

"People keep expecting rubbish from the Spice Girls, but the Spice Girls are never gonna give rubbish."

8th May 2000 | Posted by: SpiceNews

>> Things will NBTSA

There is an update on the Official Melanie C Website news page which says:

Things Will Never Be The Same Again !

It's not just the UK that's been hit with Melanie mania ; now Europe's got mega Mel-itis,too. Melanie's phenomenally successful third single, Never Be The Same Again, has been no. 1 in seven countries so far ; Sweden, Norway, Holland, UK, Arabia, Thailand and wait for it.....Estonia !!! What's more, the fab Northern Star is about to top the ONE MILLION mark. To date, it's gone gold in Canada, Denmark and Ireland - and platinum in the UK. Way to go !

Thanks to Grasiela.

5th May 2000 | Posted by: SpiceNews

>> #1 In Asia!

Some people have written in over the past couple weeks to say that Melanie C's single "Never Be The Same Again" is currently #1 in Asia, and many Asian countries: Singapore, Malaysia, etc. This song has gone to #1 in many nations across the world. Congrats Mel C.

4th May 2000 | Posted by: SpiceNews

>> Mel C: I'm NOT Gay

In an interview for the next issue of Heat Magazine(UK), Melanie C talks about accutions of her being gay and about her recent weight gain. About accusations of being gay and having her personal assistant Chai Ling Yau as a partner Mel said:

"If I was gay I'd admit it. People keep asking me when I'm going to come out. But I'm never going to come out because I'm not gay. So stop it! I don't really care what people say about me. But if I was gay I couldn't live lie. I'm too honest a person, I would admit to it. I've had worse things said about me in the paper. It's not even a bad thing, it's just not true. I think it's always been funny before, but it's gone beyond a joke this time. Ying is a professional woman, she just wants to do her job, and she does it well. All this innuendo about us is lies."

Mel also explained her recent slight bit of weight gain:

"The reason I've put on weight is simply because I've not been training ashard as normal. I've been going out, I've been drinking, I've been eating junk food, I've been enjoying life... and I've put on a bit of weight."

Mel also says she is back in the gym working out, back to her normal routine.

3rd May 2000 | Posted by: SpiceNews

>> ITTY- Single

The Official Melanie C homepage has revealed that Melanie C's next single (UK) will be "I Turn To You", and will be released on July 24th.

--End Of News--

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