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November 2002

Welcome to the news section!  Please scroll down for November Melanie C News:

12th November 2002 | Posted by: Paul

>> New Album Title!!!

Melanie's new album will be called "Reason", this is officially announced by her official site!

10th November 2002 | Posted by: Paul

>> TOTP Article

Off TOTP Site:

It's beginning of the next wave of Mel C, folks. You can tell when an artist is about to make another assault on the charts - new stories start appearing in the tabs. Just a trickle at first, then a flood then a single comes out and the hoopla begins. Just look at how many times Robbie's been in the papers in the last six weeks. Think it was justt a co-incidence?

Well, now we've got early warning of a spice attack. The first Mel C story in ages has hit the press, which surely means the new album's almost ready. And the story itself? Seems Sporty is having some of her tattoos laser removed because she wants to go for a "more feminine image for herself and her fans". But what does the second half of that sentence mean? Is she going to issue some kind of dress code for her concerts? No girl not wearing gingham and lace will be admitted? We wait with bated breath!"

8th November 2002 | Posted by: Paul

>> Mel To Rid Of Tattoos?

There was a rumour circulating earlier this week that Melanie C will get rid of her tattoos, today The Mirror published the following article:

" Mel C plans to get rid of her tattoos. The former Sporty Spice is desperate to look more feminine and claims she had most of them done when she was depressed, so she's getting them lasered off.
"Mel is planning to have the large tattoo on her leg removed first," says a source. "She has at least nine at the last count."

She's also been losing weight in time for the release of her solo album next year.

Scan- Thanks Dee.

Paul:  hmmmmm, didn't this get posted on certain forums only the day before.... I think The Mirror like DenDen!

7th November 2002 | Posted by: Paul

>> Melanie On MTV!!

As posted on her official site:

Melanie appears at MTV Europe Awards

See Melanie this Thursday (14.11.02) as she joins the list of presenters at the MTV Europe Music Awards

Melanie will be taking a break from the final stages of her album and heading out to Barcelona to make her first TV appearance this year. The awards will be screened live at 9pm on MTV or you can see it repeated the following day on Channel 4 at 10.30pm.

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