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 January 1999 News

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19th January 1999 | Posted by: SpiceNews

>> More Mel C

Melanie C was apparently making out with Paul Byatt of Brookside at a pub called Blue Bar And Grill in Liverpool. They were making out as a Liverpool vs. Southampton match was on. Onlookers say the partied until 1AM, after which they disappeared together. While that may be a bit rumoristic, it has been now specified that Sporty will be specifically in LA next week to start work on her solo album.

Source: The Mirror

8th January 2002 | Posted by: SpiceNewsl

>> Mel C's Lost Sister

Melanie C was reunited with her 17 year old sister she never knew existed 18 months ago. It has been recently reported that they have become very close sisters indeed and the two are inseparable. Mel's sister's name is Emma Williams. Emma has met the other Spice Girls and has followed them around rather frequently on promotions and parts of their tour. Emma never saw her father Alan Chisholm but always knew that somewhere she had a half- sister named Melanie from her fathers previous marriage.  One day she saw a picture of Alan standing next to Sporty Spice and she realized everything. Emma shortly afterwards met Alan which in turn set up a meeting between her and Melanie. Emma is quoted as saying

"It all fitted in. He just brought her round one day. I remember that it did not really feel like meeting a Spice Girl. It felt like I was meeting my sister. We just hugged. We laughed at the same things. There were things that we both did - and we even both suffer from hay fever! "Mel told me that she was shooting a video when she was told about me. She had not known that I existed at all. She is a real laugh and very down to earth and kind. When asked about meeting the Spice Girls she said: "Spice Girls are just mad. They were getting ready to go to the bash and it was just like getting ready for a girls' night out. "They were all borrowing one another's make-up. The girls are very friendly, easy to get on with and have a great sense of humour. They were all pleased for Mel."

Source: Spice Universe

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