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 September 2002 News

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22nd September 2002 | Posted by: Paul

>> Bummer

Thanks Luke Peterson/Angie for finding this article:

Picture Of Article- Courtesy Of Twister- Click To View.

From the 'Hot People' column in The People:


THONGS ain't what they used to be for Sporty Spice MEL C. The singer gave photographers the bum's rush as she took a bike ride with her boyfriend Thomas Starr in Malibu, California. But she has a lot of work to do to get back in shape.

Embarrassingly, her leggings stretched so tightly over her bottom they became see-through, displaying her tiny knickers.

An onlooker said: "She looked more portly spice than sporty."


8th September 2002 | Posted by: Paul

>> TV

Channel 4 (UK) will be showing a programme, 9-10 PM this Tuesday, called Seven Days That Shook The Spice Girls and, on TOTP2 [BBC2] this week a performance from the girls will be on!

Paul:  Not really exciting- but it is just the start of lots of Spice stuff coming.  Melanie will no doubt be in the press again soon, but moreover, she will be back with some music!

--End Of News--

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