Melanie C 2K

Melanie Contacts Paul!

I wrote to Melanie, with a letter, a bit from you guys, and a poster as a present.  I also enclosed a S.A.E and a site poster, and a Northern Star inlay to sign on the off chance she would sign it- and here is what I got back: [click to enlarge thumbnails]


[the latter is rather small- due to the fact I had scanner troubles- better scan in August (the full size- A4) when I get my new scanner!]

Yes, I was a naughty boy, and I DID write to her home address- however, I didn't realise the extent of ridiculousness it had gotten to- so I intend to take note of the following that was attached to my signed goodies: [click to enlarge thumbnail]


I think it was really nice of Mel to take the time to sign this- and I am still shocked that she would have read my letter, and known about the site, and me.  I would however, advise people not to write to Mel's home address as I don't think much is getting signed any more, and Mel from the note, seems to wish us not to write to this address.  I will take note of this, and I hope that you will to.  For information on how to contact Melanie, please click here.