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Album Review By Site

Album Title: Northern Star
Released:    November 1999

1. Go!

Wow! What a fantastic start to the album! It is a great track, which deserves credit. It is Mel on fast mode. Her voice suits it so well also. The song is so easy to relate to, and when you want to say something to someone you just spit it all out like this. Mel is very much like all of us, and she gives it her all in this track. A great tune, and a fantastic opener!


2. Northern Star

Northern Star- Single

A mood change, and a soft ballad is just what we need. Mel can be a tad screechy sometimes but this song is just perfect, and the notes are just great! She is a very capable singer, and the lyrics are just lush! This is a classic Mel song (writing in 2001) and I think that it is her song, but also the fans. Another strong song lyrically, and the sound is blurred by the superb vocals.


3. Goin' Down

Goin' Down- Single

Great track. Shame about the screech, but otherwise it is good, and I think that in time more tracks like this would go down well in the charts. It just lets us go, and hey why not, we deserve it! The track has got a good sound, and is credible to Mel, and would appeal to another audience as well as her typical fan base.


4. I Turn To You

I Turn To You- Single

Hmm, this song is so relaxing. It is about relationships, and although with hints of trance Mel goes successfully into diva mode. A personal favourite that seems to make the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. How could you hate this song? A song for everyone 11-40.


5. If That Were Me

If That Were Me- Single

A worthy song, it gets me thinking, and the sound is very unique. A think that the sound is effective and Mel's vocals are strong and meaningful. She puts such emphasis into the track. It really does hit the issues of homeless people hard. It is a challenging song with a cold sound that relaxes you.


6. Never Be The Same Again

Unlike Mel B, Mel C only puts out the successful attempts at sounds, and boy is the a classic. Teaming up with Lisa 'Left-Eye' Lopes is a good move for Mel. This song could bring in a new audience which will see the broader Mel C sound when buying the album. Something on this track for everyone.


7. Why

Back to the eerie songs again. But this one stretches Mel's vocals- though their isn't much lyrics to handle here the instrumental sections are powerful and makes the track refreshing. I used this at school for a Drama, and I think that it can mean whatever you want it to mean.


8. Suddenly Monday

This reminds me of 'Never Give Up On The Good Times' by the Spicies- but I don't think that it is as good. A bit too short for my liking, but it is still a very cool song that cheers up my Monday morning!!!


9. Ga Ga

On the Big Daddy soundtrack- some quite rude suggestions here. Very upbeat, and it crams a lot of great lyrics into the song. A catchy song which would be fantastic as a single! It is for all fans really, and it can be a nice chill out song as well. I think this is the best upbeat track on the album, and I think everyone else would love it too.


10. Be The One

A song that has a lot of acoustic backing, and gives Mel a nice chance to show how she can control her voice. Not much to say about this track, it is ok, but nothing special. I don't think that anyone could hate it though.


11. Closer

Wow! What a track- hits all the right notes, and the right keys. It is a song which just imprints the harmony into your head! It is really a superb track from Mel- the people she has produced this album with have really given her the confidence to let her voice shine. The music is again very faint and we rarely have time to assess it as we listen to Mel's soft and tender voice. More please!


12. Feel The Sun

An excellent end to the album! It is vocally strong, well written and the music is astonishingly outstanding. It does make you think- Is this Mel C? It just embraces her sound and I now embrace her!


What an album! The whole thing is a high point! There is so many genres' to offer. There is something for everyone- don't pre-judge Mel, because under that rock chick exterior their is a warm soul/ diva interior! Way to go Mel! Buy it!