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The other section is for anything 'more' that happens to pop up  So far, we have:

  • CD Covers

  • Poster

CD Covers

Thanks to Trey, and my graphics, we are providing covers for CD's.  They can be for downloaded audio from this site, other sites, or off other CD's.  Whatever you like really!  Just read the instructions below, and enjoy!

Simply enlarge the thumbnails below [by clicking on them] and then save them [Right Click With Mouse, and Select 'Save Picture As' ].  Find where you saved the file, open it, and then print it off.  Or, if you don't want to save it, click on the thumbnail and slect 'File' from the menu, and then 'Print'.




This poster is of the current design, and lists all of Mel's charting success!  It makes the perfect poster for your wall! 

Simply click the 'thumbnail' and the image will open in a new window.  Then right click over it with your mouse, and select 'Save As'.

More other 'more' stuff coming soon!