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Hello, and welcome to the new message board area!   If you want your website to be involved with this community, e-mail Paul.

Rules for this community are stated below.  Any issues with this community must be reported to .


*  Registration is required.

*  Most language is accepted in this forum.  Excessive use or flooding of swear words is not.

*  You CAN post; links, pictures, photos etc.  But, any links, pictures, photos etc. that are of explicit content are NOT allowed.

*  You can leave your e-mail address or websites URL's.

*  Persistent advertising is not permitted.

*  Your signature may consist of your homepage, or site, but must not be of ridiculous length, or loading time.

*  Respect other users.

*  Debate, do not argue.

*  This is a Melanie C Fan forum.

Deviation from these rules will result in action at the discretion of the administration,

DO NOT try and persuade us to un-ban you.  We will try and be reasonable in all cases.  Melanie C 2K Reserves the right to change these rules at anytime.

Forums Moderated By:  Paul, Krt, Ben and Admin.  If you want to join the admin team, contact Paul

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