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Re-Invented Service

The Mailing List is a service which is provided by the site.  It was decided that our visitors should be able to keep up with the latest Melanie C news and site news via e-mail.  The Mailing List system is a great way of keeping everyone informed about what is going on in Melanie C world!

The Mailing List is run by the webmasters; Paul and Krt.  From a base system we write one e-mail which is sent to all the contacts on my Mailing List.

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Q:  How often will I receive mail?

A:  As often as there is news!  When we update the Latest News section we will send you that piece of news.  Also, if there is any site news I will inform you of that.

Q:  What will I receive?

The latest news, pictures, reviews and site news.  Quite a lot.  Join and see- if you don't like the service then you can un-subscribe.

Q:  Will you reply if I contact you about your e-mail?

A:  Yes- Give us some time.  We am pretty busy, so if we can't we will send you a little note.

Q.  What happens when you are away?

A:  We will try and not be away, lol.  No, we will notify everyone, but it is likely that we will get a friend in the website community to take over while we are away.

Q:  Why is the news on this site similar to the posts on that site?

A:  This is because other sites and the Spice Team here work closely together- helping each other out.  It is unlikely that the news will be exactly the same.  Sometimes our sources are different and the story you read on this site may look at it differently than another site.  We will of course credit the original source.

Q:  Why in the e-mail does it say 'Rumour' on it?

A:  This is because we can not confirm the news, when we can, we WILL confirm it as and when we can.

Q:  What does GMT?

A:  Greenwich Meridian Time- This is the UK's time.

Q:  Does Melanie C still work?

A:  Yes!  Her new album is due out 2002/3.  She just released a song on a soundtrack, and has nearly finished the album!

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