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Frequently Asked Questions: Check this page out before you e-mail us!

Q:  How do you update this site?

Using FTP software [File Transfer Protocol].  We use WS_FTP LE -Yes it is good!

Q: Why is this site about Melanie C?

Cos' Melanie C is God.... lol.  This site is about Melanie C as we (the team) feel that she is a soulful and skilful international talent who deserves praise.  Apart from this.. we are her fans, lol.

Q: Why don't you report Spice Girl news?

As this is a Melanie C site purely.  Check out

Q: Why haven't you updated the site?

There may have been no news.  We may have been having fun.. or sleeping.  We will try and update as often as possible which is usually within 48 hours.

Q: Why don't you have X Feature?

Probably because we have had no e-mails demanding that feature; e-mail us, and we will set up a poll and make our decision.

Q: Is Melanie C still part of the Spice Girls?

Yes, though it doesn't look as if they will be working as a group for some time. :( She is still contracted to Virgin Records as a group and a solo artist.   What will happen when their contract expires as a group is anyone's guess.. though I am sure the tabloids will keep us informed!

Q: Can I join the team?

Um, sorry; Melanie C 2K is a two man/woman job only.  Originally it was Paul's project, but with two on board everything is fine.  Melanie C 2K will not be advertising for more updaters unless one of us leaves.  :-( Sorry.

Q: Why don't you upload lots of audio/visual files?

We upload as much as legally possible.  Virgin Records is copyright of most Melanie C material.  We do respect fair trade for the artist [though yes we do agree CD prices in EU are too high!].  We will try and supply as many audio/visual files as we can- sometimes we will provide a lot, but for short periods of time, so keep checking back!

Q: What is the life-span of Melanie C 2K?

Melanie C 2K's mission is to provide an entertaining and informative website for Melanie C.  It is an online tribute to her, and new posts will be made as long as she is in the public eye.  If Melanie was to go into the darkness of Liverpool, then this site would become a tribute to her, and a final design, final update and material would be made.  But this won't happen!

Q:  Is Krt/Paul your real name?

Paul: Paul is my real name.  Very common!

Krt: Nope, it isn't mine, but please respect that I have chosen not to give out personal details on the internet.  Krt is a cool name anyway!

Any more questions?  E-mail them to:  -No rude one's mind!